You may have heard of some of the more popular payment solutions today like Square, PayPal, and Stripe. These are very good options for some merchants, but they only do part of the card payment processing job. Riverside Payments would like to share some points that you should be mindful of as you search for the right card payment processing service provider.

Today, having the ability to process card payments is easy enough, but basic credit card solutions aren't nimble; they can't scale with your business. The best card payment processing solutions can not only grow with your business, but they can also help you grow your business exponentially. Indeed, as you search for a card payment processing service provider, you should look for a processor that does business outside of the box.

Industry Leading Solutions

Riverside Payments offers a slew of benefits to our merchant clients, not the least of which is mobility. In today's marketplace, most business owners and customers are always on the go. As a business owner, you want to have the ability and facilities to accept payments from your customers wherever they are or wherever you are.

Did you know that Riverside Payments has card payment solutions that allow our clients to use their phones, not to take pictures, but to scan credit cards and receive the payment on the spot? This gives our clients the confidence of knowing that they can accept payments from anywhere, not just at a POS terminal. This can prove invaluable if your Internet connection goes down or you convert a customer out and about.

We Offer Card Payment Processing With Low Rates

One of the biggest complaints that merchants have about credit card processors is the cost of service, which usually centers around rates. Typically, clients of Riverside Payments enjoy rates of 3% or less. The best credit card processors should charge no more than $0.30 per transaction.

Also, it's not only the rates that merchants have to watch out for - it's the hidden fees that the credit card processors don't advertise that can kill you. You might be amazed or disgusted at all of the different charges you might incur with different payment processors. They advertise low rates to win your contract, and then they rape you with hidden fees. Further, these companies usually have contracts that you can't get out of without paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Get More from Your POS with Riverside Payments

Riverside Payments is a dynamic partner - much more than a typical card payment processing service provider. For example, we help our clients with payment processing, marketing, and insights into their customers. Riverside Payment is integrated and connected to you and everything that you do, making your business more powerful and helping it to achieve success on a scale you previously only envisioned.

Our card payment processing solutions allow you to track customer behavior, manage your inventory, implement rewards programs, and so much more! You'll have a portable, versatile, and robust payment processing solution when you choose Riverside Payments.