The No BS Show Episode #14 - Personal Growth in the Sales Industry

On episode 14 of The No BS Show, National Sales Manager, Amie Sanders, joins Brandon in sharing her story.

Amie has been in sales most of her professional life; marketing, cell phone sales, etc. She knew she wanted to make a lot of money and wanted more from her career. It so happened that Amie had a friend who worked part-time for Riverside. She saw the opportunity and hit it hard!

Amie took severals skills away from her job history, including closing deals, working past the “No”, and overcoming adversity thru focusing on her Whys.

Amie has always been stubborn and has a take charge attitude. She started as a young mom who wanted to provide a good life for her kids and didn’t want them stressing about the roof over their head. She didn’t have a lot of money growing up, which has helped drive her. Being successful for her children has been key in her determination to succeed. Brandon can completely relate, as one of his biggest Whys is ensuring he can provide for his family.

Amie remembers staying in a hotel every day with her kids. Trying to find a place to live was very difficult and not making enough money to keep the roof over their heads was a turning point for her. She has had an amazing support team behind her who has helped pick her up when she fell down.

Brandon shares that he couch-surfed with his good friend Mikey for a whole summer during his struggles. He took away several strength-building traits like leaning on friends and family during the hard times, don’t seclude yourself and not to be afraid to ask for help. He also states that Paying It Forward is a concept everyone should consider. Brandon has always been big on learning and improving yourself: there will always be someone better than you so never stop learning from those around you and focus on what you can do to improve.

Brandon and Amie leave you with this tip: Start the sprint! Live with no regrets!!

The No BS Show Episode #13 - Goal Planning

On this episode of The No BS Show, Jason Reese, CFO of Riverside Payments, joins Brandon in discussing SMART Goal Planning.

Jason is a big New Year Resolution kind of guy - New Year, New Opportunities. Start by having a basic goal, focus on how to hit that goal, stay accountable, and think of things like how many people will you need to accomplish that goal.

The guys agree, using the SMART Goal Planning System is the most efficient way to be successful in business and personal goal setting.

*SMART Goal Planning*

Specific: - Start with a big picture and work it into more specific and in-depth parts

Measurable: - Making sure there's a way to track it

Assigned: - Assign specific people to each task, with due dates

Realistic: - Fine-tune your goal, making sure it's attainable, share your goals so people can help hold you accountable

Timeliness: - Break down the timeline to keep yourself on track

Brandon reiterates that you have to focus, take action and follow through with what your goal is and what it takes to get there. Jason states to display your goal somewhere you will see it every day, such as your bathroom mirror. Back your goals up with your Whys. Put your goals out there and involve others! Brandon exclaims, " You can start your goal planning ANY TIME! Start NOW!"

Take action, have fun with it and you'll be amazed at the results!

JUSTIN GURTNER - CORPORATE TRAINER (Director of Training and Development)

Justin Gurtner with Riverside CEO, Brandon Skinner, and VP of Sales, Jeremy Shroyer

Justin Gurtner with Riverside CEO, Brandon Skinner, and VP of Sales, Jeremy Shroyer

Riverside Payments would like to take this time to introduce and give a huge shout out to another key performer this year, Justin Gurtner. Justin started his career with Riverside Payments in October 2016 and has been with us over 2 fantastic years. Justin stated, “Riverside is the best company. From every single person I work with daily, I feel like I am making a difference in the world and people’s lives.”

After college, Justin joined the Army because he had a passion for helping others. He received a medical discharge for an eye condition and moved onto other opportunities. After his time with the military, he found himself jumping from paycheck to paycheck. He was good at everything he tried, but felt like there was a ceiling to everything he did. He wanted more, and not only more but wanted better for his family. Justin was soon in transition. It was on Indeed that he would see an ad and forever change the course of his success. His youngest son, Taylor, wasn’t born yet. He and his beautiful wife, Alison, were 2 months behind on car payments. Credit card debt and student loans loomed over their heads. Justin immediately saw the benefit from potentially unlimited earnings.

Justin began his career as an Account Executive. With his wife’s support and the support from everyone at Riverside; Amie, Brandon, Jeremy, Phil and all of his peers guiding and laying the foundation for success, Justin has reached career heights and goals. He credits listening to all of their advice and being able to accept criticism as key factors in his success. Justin stated that lately, they have been revisiting their ‘whys’. For him this is the first time in his own career that he is now making goals and he can’t get enough of it!

Justin is now jumping into the role of Corporate Trainer. He has his eyes set on being the best Director of Training he can be. He is ready for all opportunities that come his way. Justin hopes to eventually run his own office with Riverside Payments. With his new position transitioning to a manager, he is now able to take care of merchants but still train and show others how to find their own success and provide amazing savings and service to our business owners. Justin is known for his outstanding reviews and relationships with our customers. He goes above and beyond for every single client of his and has been an absolute asset to our Riverside family. It will be a true benefit for our new team of Account Executives to be lead with his phenomenal experience, qualities and knowledge.

Justin with his wife, Alison, and their two sons, Taylor and Luke

Justin with his wife, Alison, and their two sons, Taylor and Luke

Justin’s wife, Alison, is a highly talented school psychologist and has been his beacon of support and inspiration along his career. He now has two handsome sons, Taylor and Luke. “Without their constant support and love, the demands of being an Account Executive can get to you,” Justin stated. Justin credits them with his success and continues to push himself for their futures.

Justin leaves us with this sound advice, “Follow the system. It’s there for a reason.”

We commend you, Justin, for a job well done! Thank you for everything you bring to our Riverside family!

Written by Helen Simpson Orcutt


Mike Judd with Riverside’s CEO Brandon Skinner and CFO Jason Reese

Mike Judd with Riverside’s CEO Brandon Skinner and CFO Jason Reese

We would like to take this time to announce our new Director of Corporate Development, Mike Judd. With the ever-changing demands in our industry and new records being broken, Mike is now moving into a more paramount role with Riverside Payments. Mike started his career with Riverside in July, 3 years ago. He was ready to do things on his own and wanted to be his own boss. Mike wanted his productivity to reflect on his own work, which he hasn’t been able to find at other companies. He truly enjoys his career with Riverside. He stated, “if you work hard, you reap the benefits here.”

Mike started as an outside sales representative. He trekked this path for about 8 months. His deals funded well, so Riverside had him try his hand in the Marketing Department. He ran it for a few months and decided it wasn’t quite his cup of tea. He went back out into the sales field with intense successes and motivation. He soon began training others and saw his niche. The trainees were becoming very successful. Riverside began having him travel to train. Mike has been in this position for the last 2 years.

When asked what has propelled his own career, Mike stated, “All of the like-minded people around me who want the same things I do, who want to be successful, that get fulfillment out of reaching goals, and bettering themselves is what has propelled me. When people around me do better, I push myself”. Mike credits his esteemed success to his childhood. Growing up, it was just Mike and his mother. His mother lived off of disability and food stamps. Free lunches were a normal part of life for him. Mike remembers clearly how poor they were. They did all of their shopping at Goodwill and Value Village. Mike knew from an early age he wanted to break the cycle. He notes that he had a good childhood, and while monetary items do not define who you are, he wanted to give his kids a good life and more than he was able to have. Mike also gives credit to his wonderful partner, Amber, who also is a prominent part of the Riverside Payments family. They have two beautiful daughters together and are proud of the life they have been able to build for them.

Mike Judd with his partner, Amber, and their two daughters

Mike Judd with his partner, Amber, and their two daughters

In his new role as Director of Corporate Development, Mike Judd is able to focus his attention on other departments; while improving each department and making room for more growth. He plans on riding the waves, finding the kinks in those departments and smoothing them out as he knows best to do.

For his famous words, Mike gives us this vigorous advice, “find your whys. Mine are my kids and my close-knit family. Know that you can be greater than you think you can be.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Mikey! Congratulations again, on your new role with Riverside!

Written by Helen Simpson-Orcutt



As another colossal year in Riverside’s history is behind us, we would like to take the time to introduce to you a new Territory Manager, Taylor Garland. Taylor started his epic career with Riverside Payments October 2017. When asked what he loves most about his career, Taylor states he loves helping others and volunteering. The family dynamic at Riverside is unlike any other company. “We enjoy our personal time with one another. Everyone at this company has each other’s backs, and it’s nice being able to rely on others. Everyone pushes each other to succeed and everyone wants each other to succeed, and that is the difference-maker.”

Taylor is from the historic and beautiful Atlantic coast, specifically Boston, Massachusetts. While he was attending college in Massachusetts, Taylor met his current girlfriend, Torie, who was attending Mass General to become a nurse. Torie’s brother-in-law, Adam, just so happened to be one of the great National Sales Managers with Riverside. The couple made the decision to trek across the country and start a life together in mountainous, St Helen’s, Oregon. Garland started his career with Riverside Payments as an Account Executive. He worked the next 3-4 months out of St Helen’s, then moved to NE Portland.

When asked what has propelled his career, Garland notes the influential and strong women who are in his life. Growing up with his important women figures being nurses, he also grew up with an instilled mentality that if you help others, it will come back around. Garland was taught at a young age that when you focus on everyone else, they will take care of you. This is what Garland loves most: that his career is to save money for families and help mom and pop areas. In his career, he has been blessed to have met and connected with great friends in this area. One of his current clients, Willow Salon PDX, happens to have blossomed into a strong friendship between Taylor, Brice and their families. Taylor’s hair game has never looked better thanks to Brice.

When asked what has helped him succeed, Taylor lets out an immediate, ‘Work ethic’. He states, “you have to be willing to learn and work long hours.” Taylor is no stranger to staying out until it’s dark or until the the job gets done. Self reflection also happens to be one of Taylor’s strong suits. Each night Taylor ends his evening by taking 20-30 minutes to self reflect. He evaluates the things that went well and what he can improve on, and how he can improve for the next time. He also utilizes people well. Taylor has had a lot of advice from his Riverside team, especially noting April, Adam, and Mikey. They have all been key factors in providing helpful guidance and insight.

Taylor garland with his girlfriend, torie, and their puppy, harvie.

Taylor garland with his girlfriend, torie, and their puppy, harvie.

Taylor is already thinking about his next goals with Riverside Payments. This year he wants to be able to make a big enough impact in 10 people’s lives that they can have financial independence. His personal goal is to buy a house with a big enough yard for their new puppy, Harvie. Harvie is a show-stealer to say the least. She is a cattle dog/German short-hair mix and is approximately 9 months old. Taylor is most excited about the opportunity to continue to help others on a grander scale. He will now be able to manage their deals, help them close, and use his own experience to help those who are just starting their own successful careers. Taylor states, “this job is there for your taking.”

For his final words Taylor gives this sound advice, “stay positive, follow the simple system, don’t overthink, and ask for help when you need it. Bring your strong work ethic and your positive attitude and your day will never seem like ‘work’.”

Congratulations again to Taylor Garland. We love having you a part of the Riverside Team!

Written by Helen Simpson-Orcutt

Vancouver Business Journal’s Business Growth Awards

We are proud to announce that Riverside Payments was a finalist for the third year at Vancouver Business Journal’s Business Growth Awards.

The VBJ has recognized hundreds of businesses since 2005 for their rapid growth and success in Southwest Washington. We joined them in celebrating and honoring the local businesses in our area at Warehouse 23, one of our top clients, on May 23rd. It was a night of prestigious honors and awards going to the following categories; Start-up of the Year,  Innovator of the Year, Fastest Growing Company in business 1-5 years, Fastest Growing Company in business 6-10 years, and Fastest Growing in business 10+ Years.

As we stood amongst the ranks with the best in our amazing territory, we were humbled to once again be considered for such an accolade. The Riverside team enjoyed some awesome appetizers, fantastic drinks, and even better company as we embraced the night of opportunity and pride. With the focus on our Customer Service, improvements with our CRM, dialing system, and consolidating the two offices into one in Vancouver, we have been able to continue at an astonishing pace. Skinner’s goal of “becoming the world’s best merchant service provider,” continues to be at the forefront of everything we do. It was a night full of appreciation and networking to say the least. Being in business and keeping the flourishing and ever-rising growth has been no easy feat. We are a true testament that when you continue to work harder than your competition, never settle for complacency, set new and loftier goals, and consistently provide your team training, the sky's the limit.

With another year solidified in the books as a prosperous and fruitful one, we would like to extend a sincere congratulations to Hubb, specializing in “event technology by event planners for event planners.” It was absolutely encouraging and wonderful to join the celebrations of our community and its support for our businesses here in Southwest Washington. We very much look forward to competing again next year among the greats. One thing is for sure, we are ready and always bring our “A” games. Cheers!

Written by Helen Simpson-Orcutt

The No BS Show Episode #11 - Self Awareness



In Episode 11 of the No BS Show, Brandon Skinner is joined by guest Brian Shields, of Evergreen Home Loans, as they get serious about self-awareness and taking success to the next level. Growing up, Brian says he and his mother struggled financially. Insecurities and finding yourself played a major role in his upbringing. He struggled with his own identity and how others viewed him. Skinner, himself was shy and also had insecurities growing up.

Both men had a lot of positive influences who helped pick them up. They were able to take those positive qualities from those around them and piece it together to create their own worth. One of the biggest mentors to Brian was an MMA coach. One lesson his coach taught him was “never be satisfied, and always self improve.” There are setbacks you will be faced with that you have to be able to dust off. As Brian joked, “you have to knuckle up and protect your grill.” Skinner practiced his own self awareness when he journeyed into being a young entrepreneur. Brandon began going door to door as a salesman. At night he would take a look at what he struggled with and give himself positive reimbursements and praise; with the notion that you have to be the one to push yourself to the next level since nobody will do it for you.

Being comfortable with who you are is one of the biggest factors in becoming self aware. Skinner suggests following social media and experts in your sought after field is the best way to become an expert of your own. One of the biggest reasons behind Riverside’s success is the relationship between Skinner and his good friend, Jason Reese, who is CFO. Both men have their strengths and make up for the other’s ones weakness. Skinner notes being able to trust your business partner has also aided in his self awareness.

Through trudging through the trenches of their lives, both men have had the tenacity to push forward, keep accepting lessons that have been thrown at them; thus far bettering who they have become and their own self appreciation and understanding. Brian and Brandon leave us with this note, ‘do not forget where you came from’ and appreciate those moments that led you to your success. Live life with gratitude and persistence and you will reap the benefits.

Written by Helen Simpson-Orcutt

8 Ways to Choose a Mobile Credit Card Processing Firm

Extending your payment options can help you increase your conversation rates and ROI. Here’s how to choose the right company for those Mobile credit card processing services.

Do your homework

Don’t just go for the first merchant account provider you find. Find out what you need first. What kind of processing services fit the bill? That’s going to help you determine the right provider.

Check out those options

There are plenty of processing services available out there. Find out what these are so you’ll be in a better position to pick a merchant account provider.

Ask around

Don’t forget to reach out to contacts in the business. They can send you valuable insights, suggestions, and tips on which companies to trust and avoid when you look for a Mobile credit card processing provider.

Check out reviews

Don’t waste those reviews. Go online and check the company. Feedback about its products and services can go a long way to help you figure out which of these are a safe bet and which companies should be crossed off your list of prospects.

Consider the details

Know as much as you can before you start looking for a merchant account provider. What’s going to happen? What are the fees? How much will it cost you? Figure these details out. That’s going to make it easy for you to pick the right credit card processing company to partner with.

Think about compatibility

Not all POS systems are compatible with credit card processing features. You’ll want to make sure you have the right POS system or that it’s compatible with your credit card processing provider. If that’s not the case, then you’ll need to look for help elsewhere.

Don’t rush

You’re going to need to invest in the right equipment, software, and tools, not to mention staff training. That’s why it’s best that you take your time and look for a credit card processing service that hits the mark. Rushing into a buying decision could lead to a lot of unnecessary costs, hassle, and frustration.

Check out the processing fees

Some merchant account services charge higher rates. You’ll want to check this out before you choose a processing company for your small business, the FitSmallBusiness says. The last thing you want is for those processing fees to eat up too much of your profits and sales.

Need processing services? Contact us at Riverside Payments today.

5 Reasons to Start Exploring Online Payment Methods for Your Business

Running a business means staying on top of the latest technologies and tools. If you’re still limited to accepting cash at your place of business, it may be time to consider offering customers with online payment methods. Read on to know why.


Online payments are fast and easy. With a simple click of the mouse, customers can pay for a product or service in an instant. That’s ideal. If potential customers check out your pages and like what they see, offering online payment methods makes it easy for them to buy that item right then and there.


Customers won’t have to go to the bank just to pay fees, BizFluent says. They won’t have to go to your shop. They can order what they need from your online store and have the payment sent through e-payments, fast and easy. That’s ideal. If they need to get to your shop or to the bank to process the payment, then that could make them think twice about the transaction. If they’re not in the mood to do so, then you’ll lose a potential customer that way.

Bigger market

One of the best advantages to offering online payment methods on your site is that it allows customers from all over the globe to pay for your products and services. If you want to expand your consumer market, advertise to the world and watch your market share grow. By accepting online payments, you encourage more customers to your door.

More sales

The inevitable growth in your consumer base will lead to more sales. Providing online payment options means you’re making it easy for many of these customers to pay for your products and services. That’s going to lead to higher conversion rates and sales.

More business

The growth in mobile consumption continues. With our dependence on phones, online payments now make it easy for you to expand your consumer base and get a lot of business to your door. If you have yet to offer online payments, then you’re severely limiting your customers and that could be one reason that’s driving them away. By offering more payment options, you open the door to more of your customers as well.

Riverside Payments provides you with a range of payment processing services. Whether you need credit card processing, gift cards, mobile payments or online payments, then contact us. We can help you streamline your payment options. Ask us today.

The No BS Show Episode #10 - Ben's Bottle Shop - Vancouver WA's Beer Utopia

brandon skinner and ben christly

brandon skinner and ben christly

In episode #10 of the No BS Show, Brandon is joined by a local favorite, Ben's Bottle Shop and owner Benjamin Christly. Ben joins and invites us into his journey of having a vision and speaking it into existence. In 2015, Ben and Timothy Christly founded Ben's Bottle Shop. Their goal and vision was to provide the best craft beer there was to offer, all while in the beautiful heart of Vancouver, WA.

It was not an overnight success and certainly had its struggles. Benjamin sites three huge turning points for his vision and creating a brick and mortar business. Funding, being the most obvious is essential and crucial. However, he might argue that being able to trust your vision with another individual is just as important. Both men trusted in each other’s actions, knowledge, skills, and decision making. Taking action was the third step in turning the vision into a reality. With an immense amount of effort and grind with their endeavor, in just over three years their concept and approach has given way to another goal accomplished for both. “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take,” Skinner recounts Wayne Gretzky saying. In the art and business of entrepreneurship, this seems to ring true for most people, especially all who have offered their experiences on the No BS Show. In the words of Kevin Durant Ben matches that thought process and quotes, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!”

When asked if he has any advice to give others out there who want to branch out and go for it, Ben gives this, “if you are going to step into the game, you better bring it!” Another monumental piece of advice he gives is people make your business. Whether it is through the employees, customers, friends or family, you must make each experience one that leaves a positive impression as well as gratifying and pleasurable. The key to success is retaining your customers and employees both Skinner and Ben agree.

This is only for the beginning for Ben, as he sets his plans for mid June and opening Active NW next door to Ben's Bottle Shop. It doesn’t stop there for the young entrepreneur, next on his list and vision board is a new, premier, classy and high end bar at the end of this year. We have no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot of Ben and what he has in store for us these next few years. If you haven’t already, make a trip over to Ben’s Bottle Shop for some amazing brew, food, and a company that brings their A game and knowledge!

Written By Helen Simpson-Orcutt

The No BS Show Episode #9 - The American Dream

brandon skinner and kareen mills

brandon skinner and kareen mills

On this episode of The No BS Show, Brandon Skinner and his guest Kareen Mills discuss The American Dream and what it means to them.

As up-and-coming entrepreneurs, focusing on the “Big Picture” takes a lot of hard work mixed with power napping! For Kareen, The American Dream is literally YOU and what you do to make that dream a reality. Brandon makes a great point - that with technology these days, achieving your goals in a take-action type of way has become increasingly easier. Finding what you are passionate about, what your mindset should be, pushing against the negativity and avoiding making excused will prove to be worth while.  

Kareen says “Failure has no detour, you have to go through the mess, the tangled up spaghetti we call Life.” Brandon counters with “There is no “Secret Sauce” to life… it’s hard work over long periods of time.” Success doesn’t come out of nowhere!

Brandon talks about who and how he was as a person when he was growing up and how he made the best of his situation and how he used his skills and what he learned to catapult himself to success.

Kareen explains how timid she was when she came to The States. Discussing her struggles and how obstacles forced her to grow and realize her own potential. The American Dream is ALIVE AND WELL! And it’s within your grasp… so do something about it!

Written By Falon Ward

The No BS Show Episode #8 - Thoughts, Life & Everything In Between

Brandon skinner and sim dhillon

Brandon skinner and sim dhillon

In Episode 8 of the No BS Show, Skinner is joined by fellow friend and entrepreneur, Sim Dhillon, as they talk about life, success, finding yourself and everything in between.

Sim gives examples of people in his life who has shared stories with him about surrounding yourself with like minded people who are in your corner. Skinner relates to this first hand, especially in his marriage. Having a strong support system is vital. Also vital is evolving and growing from each opportunity in life that comes your way. Sim notes he himself has fallen in love with patience and seeing first hand the benefits of realizing there is a process to things.

Both men agree success comes from a mindset. Ask yourself if your actions match your purpose and passion. Focusing on your strengths and developing a team atmosphere will see you to your goals. Pushing yourself to do one more in whatever you’re doing at that very moment propels you to being great. Sim and Skinner also agree that doing what you can to make people’s lives better will never lead you astray.

Sim digs deep with the conversation and asks what Skinner struggles with outside of his business life. Skinner admits being a family man, being a good husband, juggling and partnering with so many people on outside projects has proven a struggle that he works hard on. Sim’s biggest struggle is knowing what he has to do and following through with each of his daily tasks.

Skinner and Sim see the horizon on having a mission statement and being able to delegate to your team with efficiency and respect. Having an open door policy, listening to your team’s ideas, and being able to take criticism has proven to help both of these men’s success. Don’t just take it from them, try it for yourself and be great!

Written By Helen Simpson-Orcutt

The No BS Show Episode #7 - The Power of Storytelling

Brandon skinner and michael ivanov

Brandon skinner and michael ivanov

In Episode 7 of the No BS Show, Brandon Skinner is joined by Michael Ivanov, author of “The Mount of Olives: 11 Declarations to an Extraordinary Life,” as they discuss storytelling. Michael started chasing his dreams from his childhood after mundane experiences in the workforce.

His book follows a boy as he is faced with adversity, is knocked down and has to pick himself back up. Being in the moment of a vicious normality day in and day out can bring you to your breaking point. Michael couldn’t take it more. He decided to get himself out of his situation. His inspiration for the book came from another author who has a similar form of writing who he looks up to.

Skinner relates to the prosaic daily cycles and thinking bigger. After he had his daughter he put thoughts into action and never looked back. Believing in yourself and understanding that your struggles will become your dreams is the first step. Both men put hard work into their own careers. Although their lives took different turns than their childhood dreams, Michael and Skinner still found passion, purpose and drive and took to the Ferris Wheel of opportunities.

Motivation was found by surrounding themselves with like minded people, developing a system, and focusing on the day at hand. Find the one thing that inspires you and go for it. “Don’t live a life full of regrets.”

Written By Helen Simpson-Orcutt

The No BS Show Episode #6 - Opportunity Over Adversity

Brandon skinner and daniel riddle

Brandon skinner and daniel riddle

In this week’s episode of the No BS Show, Brandon Skinner is joined by National Sales Manager, Dan Riddle. The topic for discussion is opportunity over adversity.

Dan Riddle states opportunity over adversity is the key to success. Being focused on adversity can lead to missing opportunities. It’s a mindset and how you perceive what you hope to outcome that will drive your successes.

Adversity is an opportunity. Skinner’s sheds an honest light in a time with Riverside Payments had to do just that. Last year was one of mediocre growth when Riverside is normally used to extonishing growth and breaking records. He notes that with this adversity, he and his group have to focus on their goals, simplify their routines, and speak into existence the positive they know they will achieve. Riddle sheds an honest light on a time in his own life with his career where he was in a position, facing adversity. Instead of being fearful of what could go wrong with taking a leap into a foreign career, he encompassed everything that was going to go right in this move for himself.

Risk over regret is the next key. Getting out of your own comfort zone, looking your own fears in the face, and driving your passion. You have to be able to adjust your sails so to speak, but never adjust the force behind your fight and passion. To those who are looking to take risks, Riddle gives this advice, “side step from fear, create your vision; one so big and so real that no fear will hold you back...working hard day in and day out, you will rise above.”

If you take anything away from this show’s episode, take away this; expand every goal you have ever had for yourself and you will evolve to an unstoppable force! I don’t know about you, but that’s plenty reason for me.

Written By Helen Simpson-Orcutt

The No BS Show Episode #5 - Pay It Forward

Brandon Skinner and ryan maddox

Brandon Skinner and ryan maddox

In this episode of the No BS Show, Skinner is joined by Ryan Maddox from Country Financial. Maddox, who specializes in insurance brokers, got his start after being their customer. Networking is something both men believe are a key to success. Getting out there with your passion, being involved in the community, and helping others is what it’s all about. Networking is about paying it forward and building relationships with others. Skinner rallies a lot of his networking from spreading positivity.

One huge way to network is through social media. Connecting with like-minded people and being aware of your online presence is definitely a step in the right direction. Skinner says, “get creative with it!” Maddox says being able to support fellow people in your industry and in your network will also reap its benefits. Be yourself and create connections. Skinner and Maddox both agree it is better to give than to receive. Improving your community, donating your time, and being a good person is how you survive in business and in life.

With all the amazing opportunities out there, the time is now. Maddox says every successful person he has met helps others succeed. Take it from two uplifting men, when you do good, you feel good. Make it a great day!

Written By Helen Simpson-Orcutt