The No BS Show Episode #18 - A Year With Ricky Simon

Brandon Skinner and Ricky Simon

Brandon Skinner and Ricky Simon

On Episode 18 of the No BS Show, Brandon Skinner is joined by rising star and UFC fighter, Ricky Simon. Simon, who is 26 years old, only recently signed with the UFC about 16 months ago. These past two years for Ricky have been bountiful with successes and hard work. Soon after signing with the UFC, Ricky became engaged to his beautiful and supportive fiance. He joins Skinner to discuss how he got to this stage, and all that it took. 

Ricky grew up watching UFC with his family. He is the second oldest of his brothers. His parents  supported their children, even buying them boxing gloves when they were little. “My parents told us ‘if you’ve got problems with each other, box it out.’” He fell in love with fighting after attending college and getting mixed in with it. “I started out in the mall.” Time is the testament. Ricky put in countless hours of work for 7 years before he was picked up by the UFC. He drove everywhere to get fights and trained like crazy. He notes that putting in work, getting out there and getting exposure was key to his platform. Ricky decided he had to stay ready and take every opportunity that came his way. 

Ricky currently has a demanding schedule; training 2-4 times a day, training in every area possible to be the best he can be in his career. He has had 4-5 professional fights. His last fight was with Uriah Faber, a major UFC legend. “I am a winner who lost,” when he talks about the fight. He was honored to fight in the same cage as someone he grew up watching. “It was awesome.” When asked who he wants to fight next, Ricky calls out Frankie Edgar, who just joined the Bantamweight Class.

When asked what set Ricky apart and propelled him onto the stage, Ricky humbly says he didn’t ask “why not me.” The UFC called him up one day for the Matchmaker Contender. The UFC picked one fighter out of the 5 fights. He was not chosen that day. Ricky asked them what he should do and their advice was to stay ready. It was advice that he took to heart and credits to his success. When asked what his biggest motivating factor is, Ricky says he puts pressure on himself. He constantly wants to get better. His family is also a major factor in his motivation. They travel with him and remain as close as ever. Another hard part is having to get skinny, he jokes. He usually walks around at about 165, but fights at 135. 

To anyone wanting to make it as a fighter, Ricky gives this advice: “take care of your body and listen to it,” and “believe in yourself.”

You heard it first from the mouth of this local celebrity and favorite, Ricky Simon. We are honored to be the Official Processor of Simon and look forward to your continued success and journey!

Written by Helen Simspon Orcutt

The No BS Show Episode #17 - A Journey In Growth

Brandon Skinner talks with the owners of RJL Business Services, Rob and Jen Loftin

Brandon Skinner talks with the owners of RJL Business Services, Rob and Jen Loftin

On Episode 17 of the No BS Show, Brandon Skinner is joined by the talented Accounting masters at RJL Business Services. Jen and Rob Loftin are the two brilliant minds behind the company. RJL Business Services has already taken Washington by storm, being given prestigious awards such as ‘Best in Business in SW Washington’ and ‘Accomplished under 40’. Brandon Skinner, who shares this title, expresses his admiration for the accomplishments RJL Business Services has found within their short time. He welcomes them onto the show to breakdown their success and how the couple’s journey to profit and progress began. 

RJL Business Services was started by Rob and Jen Loftin, 7 years ago. Jen originally started out in the healthcare field. As she found her niche of giving a human feel to accounting and managing other businesses, she moved from healthcare to litigation. It was a natural instinct for Jen, who has had success with growing businesses, to grow her own. Rob, who worked as a CFO at the time, decided to spin off from the company he was working with when they sold and moved to LA. It didn’t take long for his beautiful wife, Jen, to convince him to go into business with her. The two decided collectively to grow their own business together, thus bringing to life RJL Business Services.

What is it that RJL Business Services does? They do what businesses need the most. Rob and Jen help businesses sustain their growth, review financial statements, go through data and make it meaningful to them, and show them how to use it. “We build personal relationships with our customers.” They find out your business goals and show you how to get there. Skinner, who has worked with the Loftin’s in the process of opening Riverside’s office in Cincinnati, credits Rob’s impeccable ability to translate numbers and make it mean something. Rob and Jen are a one-stop-shop and they credit building relationships instead of investments to their key for success. They vet out all of their resources when working with their customers and ensure their clients get the best of the best when working together.

Rob and Jen also give tips on how they have managed to balance their marriage and their work life while owning a business together. Both have focused on their strengths while accepting and embracing each other’s weaknesses. Jen jokes that Rob is better at his “off switch” of turning off work and focusing on their marriage when the day is over. Efficiency and valuing their time with their children is also important. The two have been able to work remotely, which has also been a blessing and has helped keep their family unit a strong and loving one. 

RJL Business Services is a benefit to any business. When asked what advice they have to those who are looking to start their own businesses, Rob says , “you’re going to have to be different…what makes you different from your competition?” Take it from us, they are the best in their business!

If you’re interested in hearing more from RJL Services and how they can help grow your business, contact them at would love to hear from you and can offer a free consultation to make a plan for your needs!

Written by Helen Simpson Orcutt

Switching POS Systems: the Pros and Cons

Switching POS Systems: the Pros and Cons

Your business is only as good as its point-of-sale (POS) system, and that is especially true for restaurants and bars. A good POS system will let you handle high volumes of sales traffic and multiple methods of payments quickly and easily. Here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons of choosing a new POS system.

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The No BS Show Episode 16 - Self-Reflection

Brandon Skinner and taylor garland

Brandon Skinner and taylor garland

In this episode of the No BS Show, Brandon Skinner is joined by Territory Manager, Taylor Garland. Known around Riverside for his dashing beard and being best dressed, Taylor started with Riverside in October 2017. His fiance encouraged him to apply at Riverside. Taylor has had massive success with his career at Riverside Payments, and gives us the opportunity to sit down with him and ask the important questions - what led you to that success?

Taylor notes there were low points and learning to push through those was one of the factors. He crushed it as soon as he came into the company, but soon hit a slump by overthinking and steering away from the plan and advice of his mentors. He knew he needed to get back to the basics, so he did. Another factor of his success has been self reflection. He has had his fair share of people close to him being critical about his job choice and it not being ‘blue collar.’ Taylor came to a crossroads and chose to live in a career that fulfills him and takes him down his own paths. “I knew I was going to regret if I didn’t take this road. I want to wake up every morning excited about my job. This was where I needed to be.” Taylor had to make adjustments within his relationship and personal life by opening more communication, being positive, putting in extra effort, and believing in himself and his support team.

Skinner agrees that self reflection is one of the greatest tools for anyone to use. “You need to develop a habit of knowing what you want, and what you can do better. If you’re not getting better everyday, you’re getting worse.” Skinner encourages everyone to do some digging and find out what makes them happy. A large majority of your life is spent at work.  So, make sure you are spending all that time doing what you love. If you love what you do for work it carries over to every other aspect of your life. 

Another factor in his success was giving it his all. Taylor knew if he didn’t put his all into his efforts, he wasn’t going to make himself proud. He wouldn’t know what he was truly capable of accomplishing. Skinner agrees with the notion of going all in. Skinner worked 70-90 hour weeks when he started Riverside. “After 30 days, you build a pipeline.” You start to develop habits and routines of hard work that quickly become your new norm. 

Skinner leaves us with a few things to remember, “put in work, do what makes you happy, and give it your all.” Straight from the mouths of two very successful men, we’ll take their word for it. 

Written by Helen Simpson-Orcutt

2019 Portland Business Journal - Fastest Growing Private 100 Companies

Brandon Skinner (CEO) & Jason Reese (CFO)

Brandon Skinner (CEO) & Jason Reese (CFO)

When you’re on a hot streak, you don’t slow down. You don’t look back to see where your competition is in your rear view mirror; instead you put your foot to the floor and keep pushing forward! That’s what we did this year, placing #97 in the top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies for the Portland Business Journal.

 With over a 50.40% increase in growth from 2018-2019, we were honored to make their list once more. On June 13th, 2019 at the Oregon Convention Center, we attended, along with over a thousand other wonderful people, the 2019 Portland Business Journal awards. It was a night filled with celebration, friends, laser tag, futuristic fun, and amazing company. The event was filled with the people in front and behind the scenes of the leading, evolving and fastest growing companies in the region. Brandon Skinner is quoted, “This is a great testimony of our team work. We crushed last year’s numbers and we are excited to see next year!” The theme was “Futuristic”. It was said to be one of the greatest parties in the galaxy, and we are here to pass along the message that it will NOT be forgotten and has lived up to its claims!

 Increased business growth doesn’t come without a price. It was an honor to be in a room filled with like-minded, hard-working, driven, motivated, creative, and inspirational people who also set their sights for the moon. We all set off to make the most out of 2018 and it showed. Skinner isn’t pulling the breaks this year either, as Riverside has its sights set for another groundbreaking year in the books. 


 We would like to extend our graciousness and admiration for the Portland Business Journal, who put on an epic night of showcasing massive talent, dedication and accomplishment. When you take pride in the community around you and the fruits of their labor, you also inspire others to put forth the same perspective and encourage the economy to prosper. We are very honored to have added this to our “Memory Book” and cannot wait to see what the PBJ comes up with next year. Congratulations to all of those who made the top 100 this year. Your victories were well-earned and we had a blast helping celebrating and supporting one another. See you next year!

 Written by Helen Simpson-Orcutt

2019 Vancouver Business Growth Awards

_MG_9321 (1).jpg

Most companies dream of increased growth and profit year after year. The difference with Riverside Payments is we put action, plan and grind behind our dreams. We are thrilled and honored to announce that for the 4th year in a row, Riverside Payments has been announced as a finalist for the 2019 Vancouver Business Growth Awards.

With a 10% boost in net profitability, we led the races by focusing on efficiency, streamlining all departments and processes, engaging in massive marketing and recruiting campaigns, and holding our team accountable for our never-ending goals. When Brandon Skinner and Jason Reese started up Riverside Payments years ago, they knew where they wanted to take Merchant Services, and the make-over that it so desperately needed. From Marketing, Sales, Client Success to Operations, our team is as strong as ever and has sights set on doubling our revenue by 2020.

The best part? Success and giving back to your community CAN go hand-in-hand! This year we continued our partnership and sponsorship of Dollar For and the Susan G Komen Foundation. No matter what successes we have been blessed enough to achieve, we are adamant in the need to continue to give back to our communities.

So, what’s next in our cards? Every great victory comes with the need to expand the talents of the trade, trials and team, which is why we are expanding our forces to Cincinnati, Ohio this year. With the finalization of a new office, Riverside plans to continue to provide the latest in technology and the best in processing payments for our incredible customers, while also being able to reach more businesses than ever. Our Merchant Service Make-Over isn’t done yet! We still have a lot of work to do and our team has pledged to hit our short and long term goals this year.

We are once again, undoubtedly honored and appreciative to The Vancouver Business Journal for showing businesses what hard work and dedication can amount to. We are humbled by placing in the top of the list among so many fierce and hard-working competitors. We will see you again next year, Vancouver Business Journal. You can count on that!

Written by Helen Simpson-Orcutt

The No BS Show Episode 15 - The Importance of Giving Back

On Episode 15 of the No BS Show, Brandon Skinner is joined by humanitarian and activist, Jared Walker. Jared is the founder of Dollar For. Dollar For is non-profit that helps families with medical expenses. “When you go through a medical crisis, you shouldn’t have to go through a financial crisis, as well. If one person could give one dollar, we could make a big impact,” Jared says. Skinner notes that medical debt is the number one reason for bankruptcy in the nation. Skinner became involved with Dollar For and Jared because his family also faced a medical crisis. Both gentlemen saw first hand the devastating impact medical expenses can have on families already going through hardships.

Jared received a call in 2012 that his aunt had just passed and that his cousin needed a heart transplant. Jared explained, “The only conversation that was happening was how were we going to come up with the money for it.” He knew that should have been the last conversation to happen. Jared set forth and started Dollar For. Working closely with Brandon Skinner and Riverside Payments, our merchants have the option of donating $1 every month to Dollar For, as a part of their monthly program.

Jared and Dollar For has grown in the community and has added the Debt Forgiveness Program. This program assists families or individuals by helping them navigate through paperwork and policies already in place by hospitals for low income families.

How does Dollar For choose a family? Jared works closely with other Non-profits or For-profits to help find families in need. He prides himself on the fact that every dollar that is donated through Dollar For, is donated to the families they sponsor.

When Skinner asked what it took to start up a Non-profit, Jared lights up and shares his experience. He sought out a lot of his mentors to ask for advice in building a plan. He really felt the burn when he was told, “People have great ideas every day, you’re not going to do it.” He knew he wasn’t going to let his idea go to waste! Jared was adamant that he was going better his community and make a difference. Dollar For has already changed the lives of many wonderful families. Please consider signing up today for $1 a month to help out our community and our families. You can sign up online using the link below.  They also have volunteer opportunities as well, or you can nominate a family.

Jared, The Riverside family along with the Great Pacific Northwest, recognizes the great work Dollar For is doing. We are on this planet to better it. We can make a BIG difference when we all come together for a cause. Community, family, and giving to others is what has been behind the Riverside mission since Day 1. We don’t plan to change that, ever.

Written By - Helen Simpson Orcutt

Nick Clay - POS Prodigy and Problem Solver

Nick Clay with his family

Nick Clay with his family

We are excited to announce the 5 year anniversary of one of our first employees at Riverside Payments, the infamous Nicholas Clay! Nick began his career with Riverside on June 1st, 2014. He started in the Marketing Department, setting appointments for Jason Reese and Brandon Skinner, in the house Riverside first began in. (We know you’ve heard the stories of that house! ;) ) Once accounts started rolling in, Nick stretched his abilities to Customer Service and finally the Technical Department.

Nick is now our head Point of Sale person. He leads the way for our Point of Sale conversions and installs. Nick works closely with every department, from Tech to Boarding, from Sales and Customer Service as well. You can often find him on a call with another Point of Sale company or helping our amazing merchants get their Point of Sale systems integrated. For those who are not familiar with POS conversions, it is no little feat. A lot of time, hard work, and effort is put into it by Nick, ensuring the transition goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. He also spends his time helping colleagues sift through questions and/or different scenarios that arrive in this engrossing technical field.

When asked what he loves most about his job, Nick voices that it is the end of the day response he gets from our customers saying, “thank you for everything.” It not only brings him pride for his work, but also an enthusiastic approach to our many other merchants we work on assisting. “I love my job. I have always loved working here. My kids love Riverside. They have even told me that when they grow up, they want to work here!” He also credits loving his job to all of the worthwhile knowledge he has accumulated over the years. “My whole life has changed since I began working here. I have been able to learn so many new things. I have met so many amazing new faces along this career journey.”

Fun and little known facts about Nick - Brandon’s dad, Bob, was Nick’s first ever hockey coach. Jason’s dad even coached him as a young teenager. Another fun fact - Nick’s mom has an African Desert Tortoise named Sam, weighing in at a whopping 65 pounds!

Nick hopes his future here at Riverside brings a dream vacation. The only thing standing in his way is time. With the continued and impeccable growth of Riverside Payments, he plans to keep growing right along with us and ensuring that we stay the World’s Best Merchant Service Provider. We here at Riverside Payments, would like to give an outstanding thank you to Nick Clay, for the continued hard work, positive attitude, and the abilities he brings to this company day in and day out. Happy 5 year work anniversary, Nick! We appreciate and applaud you, good sir!

Written by Helen Simpson Orcutt

The March Madness Marvel - Melissa Krepp

Melissa Krepp, March Madness 2019 winner

Melissa Krepp, March Madness 2019 winner

It was an intense and sales-packed month as our best faced off for Riverside’s March Madness; but as the saying goes and holds true, ‘there can only be one winner.” This year, rookie and raging rockstar, Melissa Krepp, took the title! “March madness was crazy! There are so many super tough competitors, and everyone was trying their best. This is going to sound silly but despite the fact that I’m 34, I’m really proud of how proud my parents are that I won this. They are so unnecessarily excited. And I’m glad that I could prove to them not only that this job is a viable life choice, but is also something that I’m good at. They still might think that this job is strange, but now they know that it’s something that will support the boys and I without any problems.”

What pushed Melissa to the finish line? “I go into every appointment and every door as if it is the most amazing incredible place I’ve been in all day. I know that we talk a lot about affirmations and the law of attraction, but to be completely honest those are the things that I attribute to my success. I tell people that you just have to go in there exuding as much positivity as possible and smiling like a complete idiot and with the knowledge that you simply walking through their door is giving them the opportunity to make their business life better.” Melissa’s family has experience as small business owners. She knows first hand how important every penny is and asks her customers to put faith in knowing she is there to personally take care of them.

Melissa also credits Riverside Payments to her success. “This place has an energy and enthusiasm that for me is addictive. We help and support each other so much on every level of this party. Working out here, driving 4 to 5 hours a day at least, living in a world that is not the traditional office space can be a crazy experience! The reason I succeed, the reason any of us succeed, is the roots and the foundation upon which Riverside has been built; upon the shoulders of strong, caring, enthusiastic, helpful, supportive, phenomenal and extraordinary people.”

She refuses to stop there, though. Melissa is already planning her next goals and is fired up over them! “My ‘dream’ goal is to be able to pay for half or more of what my family calls our Family Vacation in the summer. This is a vacation that my parents usually fund most of. This is a vacation where they rent a house on a beach, or somewhere we can take their boats. My sister brings her family and I bring my boys and we stay for a week. I would like to be able to contribute at least 50% of the total cost.”

“I’m thankful to wake up on the right side of the grass. I feel extremely blessed to have my family, my precious little boys, and the people that love and support me. But right now, in this moment, I am exceedingly thankful for Riverside. A year ago today I was jobless, panicking, completely in a dark place, and unsure of what my future would hold. I made it through that summer by the grace of God, help from my parents, and a job that definitely did NOT pay the bills. Then Riverside happened! I would go to sleep at night asking God if this was where I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to be doing. I believe at this point of the party, His answer is ‘Absolutely, Melissa! This is where I want you to be! You are doing the right thing!’

We would like to give a huge shout out to Melissa for her dedication, amazing strength, determination, and winning March Madness. We would also like to give a huge shout out to all of our fantastically fierce Account Executives that blew records out of the water this month and helped take us to our next level. We love being a part of your successes and we’re here to push you to your next dreams in any way we can. It was a stellar month, and you all deserve a round of applause. Our hats are off to you!

Written by Helen Simpson - Orcutt

March Madness 2019 - The Final 2

Melissa Krepp and TJ Manahan go head to head in the Final 2

Melissa Krepp and TJ Manahan go head to head in the Final 2

And then there were two…

Two remain standing in the quest for the prestigious title of March Madness Champion this week. This year, Melissa Krepp and TJ Manahan have made it to the final battle. Their efforts have paid off, but there will only be one crowned as the winner of 2019. Who will it be?

“Melissa is a real challenge. She’s given me a real fight in this competition. I have been doing everything I can. If she makes it to the final spot, then honestly, she earned it. It has been a luck of the draw, for me. I have hit as many doors as I could. I’ve pushed myself past my own limits. It’s 6:00 PM and I am still waiting in a business owner’s parking lot, for him to get off so we can quote him.” TJ has definitely waged his own war in this competition. He has put up an incredible fight and has done an amazing job this month.

“Going up against TJ was petrifying. He comes up with these huge deals. I have been holding my breath every second. He has so much drive and so much determination. I knew I was going to have to go hard. He is intense and passionate. He kicks butt! If there was going to be any kind of competition, I would have to up my anti. I’ve learned a lot from watching him. It’s an honor to have fought in this March Madness. He called me at the beginning of this week just to talk. There’s comradery and that’s what I love the most. At the end of the day we all want each other to succeed, even though we’re each other’s competition.” Melissa has forged her way through this competition and does not plan on stopping anytime soon. “We still have 24 hours, so we’ll see what happens.”

Don’t count either one out just yet. Are you as excited as we are to see who will be on our next March Madness champion? Stay tuned!

Written by Helen Simpson Orcutt

March Madness 2019 - Meet the Final Four

It’s that time again! Competition is in the air and dollar signs are everywhere! The Final Four of Riverside’s March Madness has now been revealed. These four All-Stars have faced off the entire month of March, week after week. Their dedication and sales have secured them a spot at the top, and we are chomping at the bit to see who will advance to the Final Two. For now, let us introduce the fantastic and motivated Final Four to you -TJ Manahan, Caitlyn Craviotto, Michele King-McNany and Melissa Krepp.

First up, we have TJ Manahan. TJ has been with Riverside for close to a year now. “It’s unbelievable. I really can’t believe I am in the Final Four. I’ve worked so hard. This has not been easy. It’s really hard work.” The push behind the fierce force of TJ is providing for his wife and children. He does not want his wife to have to work and he wants to be able to give his children everything. “I want them to have everything they want. I don’t want them to struggle.” This year he has his sights set high to buy their first home.

A vibrant veteran of Riverside, Caitlyn Craviotto is also climbing her way to the top, landing a spot on the Top Four. “It’s exciting to be in the Top Four. Having a competition like this has driven me to do better. I want to be the best version of myself I can be. My goal is to be happy, healthy, and successful!” Caitlyn has been with Riverside for three years. She credits her energy from those around her. Caitlyn gets her excitement through seeing others do well. When asked what goals she is looking forward to smashing, she lists being top representative for the year, buying her first house, and being financially strong. Her pride in the work she has done so far continues to push her. You haven’t seen the last of Caitlyn!

Another top contender in the Final Four is one of our two rookies this year, Michele King-McNany. But make no mistake, she’s got fire in her blood and is taking on the best with boxing gloves. “I was super surprised when I made it to the Top Four. I have worked very hard and felt the pay-off from all of that dedication. It’s an amazing feeling!” Michele wants to record her third album. She is also an alternative folk country singer/songwriter. “Albums are expensive, so I am out here pushing every day so I can make it happen!” She recently relocated from Seattle, WA. Michele spent 35 years in the food industry. When she started her career with us, she had many of her friends telling her how much they loved Riverside as their provider. She knew she had made the best choice and is now a hot contender for the competition!

Last but certainly not least, we have newcomer Melissa Krepp; a heavyweight in this Final Four matchup. Starting her career with Riverside in November, she has already taken Sales by storm. “It was a huge surprise because I just go out every week and do my job. That’s it! I just focus on doing my job. It took me by shock!” Melissa is a loving mother of two amazing and sweet boys, Langdon and Lars. Her push for the top spot is providing a safe, secure, and happy childhood for her children. She is now one-income and as a divorced mother she wants to be able to stay in the neighborhood her children have grown up in. “Riverside has been such a blessing and has changed our lives. I am honored and blessed to be among these people!”

Written by Helen Simpson - Orcutt

Merchant Feature - Tikka House

Tikka House located in Louisville, Kentucky

Tikka House located in Louisville, Kentucky

Head over, with us, to the mouth-watering and delightful restaurant, Tikka House, in Louisville, Kentucky. Shree Krishna Giri will be the smiling man who welcomes you. Shree was born in Kathmandu, Nepal, which is located in South Asia. To give you an idea of where specifically - Mount Everest, the highest peak on Earth is located in Nepal. Since his childhood, Shree took an immediate interest in cooking. Unfortunately, there were limited ways to cook. Shree found that with the thousands of organic Himalayan spices and herbs, those limits quickly dissipated and fires were forged within him, lit by all the possibilities that ensued.

The traditional Nepalese cooking soon set Shree’s sails to the hospitality industry where he worked as a chef in different 5-star hotels. Shree worked for some time in the Crowne Plaza and the Intercontinental Hotel Doha. He there learned Arabic culture and their traditional foods. Shree worked hard on mastering his culinary skills while his passion and purpose took over his soul and drove him down paths that most of us can only dream of.

In 2016, Shree made the exciting and faith-based decision to start his own restaurant. He knew what it would take and his eyes were set on a better future for his family and himself. Cooking and culinary arts were, and still are, at the forefront of those stars in his eyes. When asked what Shree enjoys about it the most, he notes his passion and pride in his work. He loves cooking for others and watching the enjoyment from his creations. The respect and admiration Shree has for other cultures and foods can be found in his own magical cooking at Tikka House. His menu is packed with flavor and has over 125 menu items. The quality and health of the food he serves is of great importance to him. He has spent many years researching Indian foods that are not only good for the body, but good for the mind and heart as well. He believes cooking with art can bring a smile to anyone’s face. His favorite quote is, “Anyone can be a cook, but few can be a chef.”

When Shree talks about his family, he beams with pride and joy. He has a wife and two children who he is very close to. His children love to bake with him. He encourages them to bring their own recipes when they cook as a family. Imagination, creativity, hard work, and passion are what he hopes to instill with his children. His lovely and beautiful wife loves to cook healthy meals. She can often be found cutting fresh vegetables and sautéing them in a traditional Chinese style. Shree loves her cooking and says that Thai food is definitely his favorite. He states that his home is filled with a variety of foods and cultures, and that these are the very reasons why his family is so happy.

Shree has been a Riverside merchant for a few months now. All around it has proven to be a great experience. He knows when he reaches out he will get immediate support with any issues. Shree loves being able to put his hard earned money back into his family’s life and the business. He is excited about the money he is saving and plans to open another location in the near future.

Shree Krishna Giri, owner of Tikka House

Shree Krishna Giri, owner of Tikka House

We are honored to bring you the story of Shree, and the tasty Tikka House. We hope you’ll meet us down in the heart of Kentucky for some amazing food, service and company. Bring your taste buds and he will provide the rest. We promise you’ll become a regular!

Written by Helen Simpson Orcutt

The No BS Show Episode #14 - Personal Growth in the Sales Industry

On episode 14 of The No BS Show, National Sales Manager, Amie Sanders, joins Brandon in sharing her story.

Amie has been in sales most of her professional life; marketing, cell phone sales, etc. She knew she wanted to make a lot of money and wanted more from her career. It so happened that Amie had a friend who worked part-time for Riverside. She saw the opportunity and hit it hard!

Amie took severals skills away from her job history, including closing deals, working past the “No”, and overcoming adversity thru focusing on her Whys.

Amie has always been stubborn and has a take charge attitude. She started as a young mom who wanted to provide a good life for her kids and didn’t want them stressing about the roof over their head. She didn’t have a lot of money growing up, which has helped drive her. Being successful for her children has been key in her determination to succeed. Brandon can completely relate, as one of his biggest Whys is ensuring he can provide for his family.

Amie remembers staying in a hotel every day with her kids. Trying to find a place to live was very difficult and not making enough money to keep the roof over their heads was a turning point for her. She has had an amazing support team behind her who has helped pick her up when she fell down.

Brandon shares that he couch-surfed with his good friend Mikey for a whole summer during his struggles. He took away several strength-building traits like leaning on friends and family during the hard times, don’t seclude yourself and not to be afraid to ask for help. He also states that Paying It Forward is a concept everyone should consider. Brandon has always been big on learning and improving yourself: there will always be someone better than you so never stop learning from those around you and focus on what you can do to improve.

Brandon and Amie leave you with this tip: Start the sprint! Live with no regrets!!

The No BS Show Episode #13 - Goal Planning

On this episode of The No BS Show, Jason Reese, CFO of Riverside Payments, joins Brandon in discussing SMART Goal Planning.

Jason is a big New Year Resolution kind of guy - New Year, New Opportunities. Start by having a basic goal, focus on how to hit that goal, stay accountable, and think of things like how many people will you need to accomplish that goal.

The guys agree, using the SMART Goal Planning System is the most efficient way to be successful in business and personal goal setting.

*SMART Goal Planning*

Specific: - Start with a big picture and work it into more specific and in-depth parts

Measurable: - Making sure there's a way to track it

Assigned: - Assign specific people to each task, with due dates

Realistic: - Fine-tune your goal, making sure it's attainable, share your goals so people can help hold you accountable

Timeliness: - Break down the timeline to keep yourself on track

Brandon reiterates that you have to focus, take action and follow through with what your goal is and what it takes to get there. Jason states to display your goal somewhere you will see it every day, such as your bathroom mirror. Back your goals up with your Whys. Put your goals out there and involve others! Brandon exclaims, " You can start your goal planning ANY TIME! Start NOW!"

Take action, have fun with it and you'll be amazed at the results!

JUSTIN GURTNER - CORPORATE TRAINER (Director of Training and Development)

Justin Gurtner with Riverside CEO, Brandon Skinner, and VP of Sales, Jeremy Shroyer

Justin Gurtner with Riverside CEO, Brandon Skinner, and VP of Sales, Jeremy Shroyer

Riverside Payments would like to take this time to introduce and give a huge shout out to another key performer this year, Justin Gurtner. Justin started his career with Riverside Payments in October 2016 and has been with us over 2 fantastic years. Justin stated, “Riverside is the best company. From every single person I work with daily, I feel like I am making a difference in the world and people’s lives.”

After college, Justin joined the Army because he had a passion for helping others. He received a medical discharge for an eye condition and moved onto other opportunities. After his time with the military, he found himself jumping from paycheck to paycheck. He was good at everything he tried, but felt like there was a ceiling to everything he did. He wanted more, and not only more but wanted better for his family. Justin was soon in transition. It was on Indeed that he would see an ad and forever change the course of his success. His youngest son, Taylor, wasn’t born yet. He and his beautiful wife, Alison, were 2 months behind on car payments. Credit card debt and student loans loomed over their heads. Justin immediately saw the benefit from potentially unlimited earnings.

Justin began his career as an Account Executive. With his wife’s support and the support from everyone at Riverside; Amie, Brandon, Jeremy, Phil and all of his peers guiding and laying the foundation for success, Justin has reached career heights and goals. He credits listening to all of their advice and being able to accept criticism as key factors in his success. Justin stated that lately, they have been revisiting their ‘whys’. For him this is the first time in his own career that he is now making goals and he can’t get enough of it!

Justin is now jumping into the role of Corporate Trainer. He has his eyes set on being the best Director of Training he can be. He is ready for all opportunities that come his way. Justin hopes to eventually run his own office with Riverside Payments. With his new position transitioning to a manager, he is now able to take care of merchants but still train and show others how to find their own success and provide amazing savings and service to our business owners. Justin is known for his outstanding reviews and relationships with our customers. He goes above and beyond for every single client of his and has been an absolute asset to our Riverside family. It will be a true benefit for our new team of Account Executives to be lead with his phenomenal experience, qualities and knowledge.

Justin with his wife, Alison, and their two sons, Taylor and Luke

Justin with his wife, Alison, and their two sons, Taylor and Luke

Justin’s wife, Alison, is a highly talented school psychologist and has been his beacon of support and inspiration along his career. He now has two handsome sons, Taylor and Luke. “Without their constant support and love, the demands of being an Account Executive can get to you,” Justin stated. Justin credits them with his success and continues to push himself for their futures.

Justin leaves us with this sound advice, “Follow the system. It’s there for a reason.”

We commend you, Justin, for a job well done! Thank you for everything you bring to our Riverside family!

Written by Helen Simpson Orcutt


Mike Judd with Riverside’s CEO Brandon Skinner and CFO Jason Reese

Mike Judd with Riverside’s CEO Brandon Skinner and CFO Jason Reese

We would like to take this time to announce our new Director of Corporate Development, Mike Judd. With the ever-changing demands in our industry and new records being broken, Mike is now moving into a more paramount role with Riverside Payments. Mike started his career with Riverside in July, 3 years ago. He was ready to do things on his own and wanted to be his own boss. Mike wanted his productivity to reflect on his own work, which he hasn’t been able to find at other companies. He truly enjoys his career with Riverside. He stated, “if you work hard, you reap the benefits here.”

Mike started as an outside sales representative. He trekked this path for about 8 months. His deals funded well, so Riverside had him try his hand in the Marketing Department. He ran it for a few months and decided it wasn’t quite his cup of tea. He went back out into the sales field with intense successes and motivation. He soon began training others and saw his niche. The trainees were becoming very successful. Riverside began having him travel to train. Mike has been in this position for the last 2 years.

When asked what has propelled his own career, Mike stated, “All of the like-minded people around me who want the same things I do, who want to be successful, that get fulfillment out of reaching goals, and bettering themselves is what has propelled me. When people around me do better, I push myself”. Mike credits his esteemed success to his childhood. Growing up, it was just Mike and his mother. His mother lived off of disability and food stamps. Free lunches were a normal part of life for him. Mike remembers clearly how poor they were. They did all of their shopping at Goodwill and Value Village. Mike knew from an early age he wanted to break the cycle. He notes that he had a good childhood, and while monetary items do not define who you are, he wanted to give his kids a good life and more than he was able to have. Mike also gives credit to his wonderful partner, Amber, who also is a prominent part of the Riverside Payments family. They have two beautiful daughters together and are proud of the life they have been able to build for them.

Mike Judd with his partner, Amber, and their two daughters

Mike Judd with his partner, Amber, and their two daughters

In his new role as Director of Corporate Development, Mike Judd is able to focus his attention on other departments; while improving each department and making room for more growth. He plans on riding the waves, finding the kinks in those departments and smoothing them out as he knows best to do.

For his famous words, Mike gives us this vigorous advice, “find your whys. Mine are my kids and my close-knit family. Know that you can be greater than you think you can be.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Mikey! Congratulations again, on your new role with Riverside!

Written by Helen Simpson-Orcutt



As another colossal year in Riverside’s history is behind us, we would like to take the time to introduce to you a new Territory Manager, Taylor Garland. Taylor started his epic career with Riverside Payments October 2017. When asked what he loves most about his career, Taylor states he loves helping others and volunteering. The family dynamic at Riverside is unlike any other company. “We enjoy our personal time with one another. Everyone at this company has each other’s backs, and it’s nice being able to rely on others. Everyone pushes each other to succeed and everyone wants each other to succeed, and that is the difference-maker.”

Taylor is from the historic and beautiful Atlantic coast, specifically Boston, Massachusetts. While he was attending college in Massachusetts, Taylor met his current girlfriend, Torie, who was attending Mass General to become a nurse. Torie’s brother-in-law, Adam, just so happened to be one of the great National Sales Managers with Riverside. The couple made the decision to trek across the country and start a life together in mountainous, St Helen’s, Oregon. Garland started his career with Riverside Payments as an Account Executive. He worked the next 3-4 months out of St Helen’s, then moved to NE Portland.

When asked what has propelled his career, Garland notes the influential and strong women who are in his life. Growing up with his important women figures being nurses, he also grew up with an instilled mentality that if you help others, it will come back around. Garland was taught at a young age that when you focus on everyone else, they will take care of you. This is what Garland loves most: that his career is to save money for families and help mom and pop areas. In his career, he has been blessed to have met and connected with great friends in this area. One of his current clients, Willow Salon PDX, happens to have blossomed into a strong friendship between Taylor, Brice and their families. Taylor’s hair game has never looked better thanks to Brice.

When asked what has helped him succeed, Taylor lets out an immediate, ‘Work ethic’. He states, “you have to be willing to learn and work long hours.” Taylor is no stranger to staying out until it’s dark or until the the job gets done. Self reflection also happens to be one of Taylor’s strong suits. Each night Taylor ends his evening by taking 20-30 minutes to self reflect. He evaluates the things that went well and what he can improve on, and how he can improve for the next time. He also utilizes people well. Taylor has had a lot of advice from his Riverside team, especially noting April, Adam, and Mikey. They have all been key factors in providing helpful guidance and insight.

Taylor garland with his girlfriend, torie, and their puppy, harvie.

Taylor garland with his girlfriend, torie, and their puppy, harvie.

Taylor is already thinking about his next goals with Riverside Payments. This year he wants to be able to make a big enough impact in 10 people’s lives that they can have financial independence. His personal goal is to buy a house with a big enough yard for their new puppy, Harvie. Harvie is a show-stealer to say the least. She is a cattle dog/German short-hair mix and is approximately 9 months old. Taylor is most excited about the opportunity to continue to help others on a grander scale. He will now be able to manage their deals, help them close, and use his own experience to help those who are just starting their own successful careers. Taylor states, “this job is there for your taking.”

For his final words Taylor gives this sound advice, “stay positive, follow the simple system, don’t overthink, and ask for help when you need it. Bring your strong work ethic and your positive attitude and your day will never seem like ‘work’.”

Congratulations again to Taylor Garland. We love having you a part of the Riverside Team!

Written by Helen Simpson-Orcutt