A Clover Craze!


In a Press Release done by First Data on September 17th 2018, we finally get to bare witness to the craze of Clover! First Data introduced Clover to their market place 5 years ago. In a short 5 years Clover has helped change the way business owners all over the world run their business. This cloud-based Point Of Sale system does everything from inventory and sales tracking, payroll, menus, time clocks, monitoring sales, accepting all forms of payment, printers for the kitchen to a slew of apps on the Market Place designed just for your business type. Is there no end to what you can accomplish with Clover by your side?

Clover is hands down the top choice for medium and smaller-sized businesses, which is why they’re celebrating the 1 millionth shipping of a Clover device to Momme Imbusch of Friesen-Apotheken, a healthcare business in Germany. With such a diverse demographic of business owners who can’t get their hands on one fast enough, it’s easy to see the full scope of impact that Clover is making. In their Press Release, they announced Clover processes more than $65 billion in total payments annually. Here at Riverside Payments we are no rookie to the Clover craze. Our awesome merchants have also found themselves caught up the craze, themselves! If you are looking for ways to run your business more efficiently and increase its productivity with less time (because we know time is money), then look no further! We got you CLOVER COVERED!

Feel free to check out the Press Release yourself, right here!


Written by Helen Simpson - Orcutt