Featured Merchant Profile: Delvina Restaurant

Take a few moments while we take a journey over to Cresskill, NJ to Delvina Restaurant. Enver Rraci, the chef and owner along with his two older brothers and partners, Rossi and Imer, are known and raved about for their authentic Northern Italian Cuisine and Steakhouse and impeccable service.

The dining room at Delvina.

The dining room at Delvina.

18 years ago, Enver followed in his brothers’ footsteps as he made his way from Albania / Kosovo over to the United States. His love for cooking took him to his brother’s restaurant, where he cooked and learned alongside him. His brother would eventually make him a partner and thus began the sensational and mouthwatering, Delvina. When asked what Enver takes the most pride in with his restaurant, he stated they have the best steak and Italian food in the world. He is seemingly living up to his word as five star reviews pour in on social media. He has been blessed to have had the opportunity of serving baseball legends, actors and other celebrities.

Enver, who is one of six children, is gracious for their success as it allows him to travel back to Albania each summer to visit with his mother and sister. He is a family man who lights up when asked about his beautiful and large family. His description of his magnificent home country is enough to make us also want to jump on an airplane and travel alongside him. From luscious green mountains and sparkling blue waters, culture and history, to impeccable dishes of delightfully refreshing food, he had us at ‘Albania.’

Delvina Restaurant currently uses Riverside Payments as their Merchant Service Provider.

Delvina Restaurant currently uses Riverside Payments as their Merchant Service Provider.

Browsing through his menu you can feel the culture he has taken with him. His plethora of unexampled and unique wine selections has left us speechless. His homemade sauces of sheer flavor, the delicate chicken, veal and seafood entrees you can almost taste, and his steak prodigies, are just SOME of the exciting and thrilling dishes you can choose from. Enver’s customers can expect at each meal to not only have their chef prepare these with the highest of standards, but to also receive equally remarkable service.

Enver also stated that a lot goes into being a business owner. He currently uses Riverside Payments as his Merchant Service Provider. The customer service, which is something he takes very seriously himself, has been outstanding so far. He has also been quite pleased with the savings he has seen.

We truly appreciate Enver and the Delvina Restaurant not only for their business, but allowing us to showcase his spectacular restaurant. Stop what you’re doing, head over there and meet this amazing chef, order food that will leave you with a tear going down your cheek it’s so good, and bask in the culture, family, and supreme ambiance that is Delvina.

Live in or visiting New Jersey? Check out more and reserve your table today at: https://delvinarestaurant.com/

Written by Helen Simpson Orcutt

Helen has worked with Riverside Payments for a little over a year. She lives in Portland with her husband and is expecting their first child in January. She spends her free time advocating for Foster Care and helping out with the NOFAS organization. She is an avid writer and enjoys helping others and telling their stories.