On July 24th, 2017, Riverside Payments sponsored “Friends of the Winterhawks Golf Tournament” at The Reserve Vineyards & Golf Club to benefit OSHU’s Knight Cancer Institute and prostate cancer research.

It was a beautiful day on the course for a full day of golf. Many prize donations were procured for an auction that followed the tournament, including Riverside’s donation of a driver, and autographed jerseys from the team. A sit-down dinner capped off the successful fundraiser. 

Riverside CEO/Co-founder comments, “At Riverside, we have made it our mission to support both women’s and men’s health issues, so to be able to sponsor an event that benefits prostate cancer research means a lot to us. Anytime you can raise awareness and give back to the community, while tying it all into a fun event is worth the commitment to the cause.” ~Brandon Skinner

Many of Riverside’s employees and managers are hockey players themselves, including former professional hockey player, Riverside CFO/Co-founder, Jason Reese, who adds, “It was an honor to finally partner up with the Winterhawks after being a huge fan of theirs growing up. We’re honored to have done our part to help with this worthy cause.”

Riverside looks forward to sponsoring many more events in the coming years.