During the Annual Riverside Holiday Party, Brandon Skinner remembered the beginning days,“3 and a half years ago, Jason, Nick, and I, started out of my Grandma’s house. We recruited my little brother, Shane, and started hiring people from Chipotle. We would literally have them go door to door all day, canvassing and running in there to do the quotes. Our first office was a run down house with red shag carpet.”

Flash forward to this evening and you couldn’t tell how hard they struggled in the beginning. Everyone took part in another year of accomplishments at Warehouse 23, in Vancouver, WA. Gathered in a group they were all seen laughing, hugging, and celebrating. Brandon made his way around to everyone making sure they had ordered their drinks and were having a good time. “Bringing everyone to celebrate how far as a group we have come, is important to me. Especially since this isn’t where we are going to end,” he stated.

You could feel the insane amount of pride in every single staff member as they rejoiced in the success of the company and its leader. “If you’re not motivated or intimidated by us and where we are, you probably should be,” said Falon Ward.

National Sales Managers, Territory Managers, Client Success, Tech and Marketers joined in the celebration of the past, the present, and the future. After a delicious dinner of house-smoked brisket, cranberries, sweet potatoes, and ham, year awards were presented to the following: Employees of the Year were awarded to Allan Kor and Tiffany Vandehey, Client Success Superstar of the Year was awarded to Destinee Ryder, National Sales Manager of the Year was awarded to Dan Riddle, Recruiter of the Year was awarded to Brad Strode, and Representative of the Year was awarded to April Everhart.

During his speech, Skinner summed up the past 3 years, “2015-2016 was rapid and full of non-stop insane growth! We decided we were going to make it big and nothing would stop us. 2017 was a year of laying our foundation to propel ourselves to the next level. 2018, we are excited to announce several new business opportunities! We were also just named Top 20 Most Promising Card Brands for 2018 and beyond! This is a huge milestone and accomplishment for us!”

Something tells me Brandon has it right when he said, “the future holds pretty exciting things…we’re going to keep rising up and doing better.”

By Helen Simpson Orcutt