The No BS Show Episode #5 - Pay It Forward

Brandon Skinner and ryan maddox

Brandon Skinner and ryan maddox

In this episode of the No BS Show, Skinner is joined by Ryan Maddox from Country Financial. Maddox, who specializes in insurance brokers, got his start after being their customer. Networking is something both men believe are a key to success. Getting out there with your passion, being involved in the community, and helping others is what it’s all about. Networking is about paying it forward and building relationships with others. Skinner rallies a lot of his networking from spreading positivity.

One huge way to network is through social media. Connecting with like-minded people and being aware of your online presence is definitely a step in the right direction. Skinner says, “get creative with it!” Maddox says being able to support fellow people in your industry and in your network will also reap its benefits. Be yourself and create connections. Skinner and Maddox both agree it is better to give than to receive. Improving your community, donating your time, and being a good person is how you survive in business and in life.

With all the amazing opportunities out there, the time is now. Maddox says every successful person he has met helps others succeed. Take it from two uplifting men, when you do good, you feel good. Make it a great day!

Written By Helen Simpson-Orcutt