The No BS Show Episode #6 - Opportunity Over Adversity

Brandon skinner and daniel riddle

Brandon skinner and daniel riddle

In this week’s episode of the No BS Show, Brandon Skinner is joined by National Sales Manager, Dan Riddle. The topic for discussion is opportunity over adversity.

Dan Riddle states opportunity over adversity is the key to success. Being focused on adversity can lead to missing opportunities. It’s a mindset and how you perceive what you hope to outcome that will drive your successes.

Adversity is an opportunity. Skinner’s sheds an honest light in a time with Riverside Payments had to do just that. Last year was one of mediocre growth when Riverside is normally used to extonishing growth and breaking records. He notes that with this adversity, he and his group have to focus on their goals, simplify their routines, and speak into existence the positive they know they will achieve. Riddle sheds an honest light on a time in his own life with his career where he was in a position, facing adversity. Instead of being fearful of what could go wrong with taking a leap into a foreign career, he encompassed everything that was going to go right in this move for himself.

Risk over regret is the next key. Getting out of your own comfort zone, looking your own fears in the face, and driving your passion. You have to be able to adjust your sails so to speak, but never adjust the force behind your fight and passion. To those who are looking to take risks, Riddle gives this advice, “side step from fear, create your vision; one so big and so real that no fear will hold you back...working hard day in and day out, you will rise above.”

If you take anything away from this show’s episode, take away this; expand every goal you have ever had for yourself and you will evolve to an unstoppable force! I don’t know about you, but that’s plenty reason for me.

Written By Helen Simpson-Orcutt