The No BS Show Episode #10 - Ben's Bottle Shop - Vancouver WA's Beer Utopia

brandon skinner and ben christly

brandon skinner and ben christly

In episode #10 of the No BS Show, Brandon is joined by a local favorite, Ben's Bottle Shop and owner Benjamin Christly. Ben joins and invites us into his journey of having a vision and speaking it into existence. In 2015, Ben and Timothy Christly founded Ben's Bottle Shop. Their goal and vision was to provide the best craft beer there was to offer, all while in the beautiful heart of Vancouver, WA.

It was not an overnight success and certainly had its struggles. Benjamin sites three huge turning points for his vision and creating a brick and mortar business. Funding, being the most obvious is essential and crucial. However, he might argue that being able to trust your vision with another individual is just as important. Both men trusted in each other’s actions, knowledge, skills, and decision making. Taking action was the third step in turning the vision into a reality. With an immense amount of effort and grind with their endeavor, in just over three years their concept and approach has given way to another goal accomplished for both. “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take,” Skinner recounts Wayne Gretzky saying. In the art and business of entrepreneurship, this seems to ring true for most people, especially all who have offered their experiences on the No BS Show. In the words of Kevin Durant Ben matches that thought process and quotes, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!”

When asked if he has any advice to give others out there who want to branch out and go for it, Ben gives this, “if you are going to step into the game, you better bring it!” Another monumental piece of advice he gives is people make your business. Whether it is through the employees, customers, friends or family, you must make each experience one that leaves a positive impression as well as gratifying and pleasurable. The key to success is retaining your customers and employees both Skinner and Ben agree.

This is only for the beginning for Ben, as he sets his plans for mid June and opening Active NW next door to Ben's Bottle Shop. It doesn’t stop there for the young entrepreneur, next on his list and vision board is a new, premier, classy and high end bar at the end of this year. We have no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot of Ben and what he has in store for us these next few years. If you haven’t already, make a trip over to Ben’s Bottle Shop for some amazing brew, food, and a company that brings their A game and knowledge!

Written By Helen Simpson-Orcutt