The No BS Show Episode #7 - The Power of Storytelling

Brandon skinner and michael ivanov

Brandon skinner and michael ivanov

In Episode 7 of the No BS Show, Brandon Skinner is joined by Michael Ivanov, author of “The Mount of Olives: 11 Declarations to an Extraordinary Life,” as they discuss storytelling. Michael started chasing his dreams from his childhood after mundane experiences in the workforce.

His book follows a boy as he is faced with adversity, is knocked down and has to pick himself back up. Being in the moment of a vicious normality day in and day out can bring you to your breaking point. Michael couldn’t take it more. He decided to get himself out of his situation. His inspiration for the book came from another author who has a similar form of writing who he looks up to.

Skinner relates to the prosaic daily cycles and thinking bigger. After he had his daughter he put thoughts into action and never looked back. Believing in yourself and understanding that your struggles will become your dreams is the first step. Both men put hard work into their own careers. Although their lives took different turns than their childhood dreams, Michael and Skinner still found passion, purpose and drive and took to the Ferris Wheel of opportunities.

Motivation was found by surrounding themselves with like minded people, developing a system, and focusing on the day at hand. Find the one thing that inspires you and go for it. “Don’t live a life full of regrets.”

Written By Helen Simpson-Orcutt