The No BS Show Episode #8 - Thoughts, Life & Everything In Between

Brandon skinner and sim dhillon

Brandon skinner and sim dhillon

In Episode 8 of the No BS Show, Skinner is joined by fellow friend and entrepreneur, Sim Dhillon, as they talk about life, success, finding yourself and everything in between.

Sim gives examples of people in his life who has shared stories with him about surrounding yourself with like minded people who are in your corner. Skinner relates to this first hand, especially in his marriage. Having a strong support system is vital. Also vital is evolving and growing from each opportunity in life that comes your way. Sim notes he himself has fallen in love with patience and seeing first hand the benefits of realizing there is a process to things.

Both men agree success comes from a mindset. Ask yourself if your actions match your purpose and passion. Focusing on your strengths and developing a team atmosphere will see you to your goals. Pushing yourself to do one more in whatever you’re doing at that very moment propels you to being great. Sim and Skinner also agree that doing what you can to make people’s lives better will never lead you astray.

Sim digs deep with the conversation and asks what Skinner struggles with outside of his business life. Skinner admits being a family man, being a good husband, juggling and partnering with so many people on outside projects has proven a struggle that he works hard on. Sim’s biggest struggle is knowing what he has to do and following through with each of his daily tasks.

Skinner and Sim see the horizon on having a mission statement and being able to delegate to your team with efficiency and respect. Having an open door policy, listening to your team’s ideas, and being able to take criticism has proven to help both of these men’s success. Don’t just take it from them, try it for yourself and be great!

Written By Helen Simpson-Orcutt