The No BS Show Episode #11 - Self Awareness



In Episode 11 of the No BS Show, Brandon Skinner is joined by guest Brian Shields, of Evergreen Home Loans, as they get serious about self-awareness and taking success to the next level. Growing up, Brian says he and his mother struggled financially. Insecurities and finding yourself played a major role in his upbringing. He struggled with his own identity and how others viewed him. Skinner, himself was shy and also had insecurities growing up.

Both men had a lot of positive influences who helped pick them up. They were able to take those positive qualities from those around them and piece it together to create their own worth. One of the biggest mentors to Brian was an MMA coach. One lesson his coach taught him was “never be satisfied, and always self improve.” There are setbacks you will be faced with that you have to be able to dust off. As Brian joked, “you have to knuckle up and protect your grill.” Skinner practiced his own self awareness when he journeyed into being a young entrepreneur. Brandon began going door to door as a salesman. At night he would take a look at what he struggled with and give himself positive reimbursements and praise; with the notion that you have to be the one to push yourself to the next level since nobody will do it for you.

Being comfortable with who you are is one of the biggest factors in becoming self aware. Skinner suggests following social media and experts in your sought after field is the best way to become an expert of your own. One of the biggest reasons behind Riverside’s success is the relationship between Skinner and his good friend, Jason Reese, who is CFO. Both men have their strengths and make up for the other’s ones weakness. Skinner notes being able to trust your business partner has also aided in his self awareness.

Through trudging through the trenches of their lives, both men have had the tenacity to push forward, keep accepting lessons that have been thrown at them; thus far bettering who they have become and their own self appreciation and understanding. Brian and Brandon leave us with this note, ‘do not forget where you came from’ and appreciate those moments that led you to your success. Live life with gratitude and persistence and you will reap the benefits.

Written by Helen Simpson-Orcutt