As another colossal year in Riverside’s history is behind us, we would like to take the time to introduce to you a new Territory Manager, Taylor Garland. Taylor started his epic career with Riverside Payments October 2017. When asked what he loves most about his career, Taylor states he loves helping others and volunteering. The family dynamic at Riverside is unlike any other company. “We enjoy our personal time with one another. Everyone at this company has each other’s backs, and it’s nice being able to rely on others. Everyone pushes each other to succeed and everyone wants each other to succeed, and that is the difference-maker.”

Taylor is from the historic and beautiful Atlantic coast, specifically Boston, Massachusetts. While he was attending college in Massachusetts, Taylor met his current girlfriend, Torie, who was attending Mass General to become a nurse. Torie’s brother-in-law, Adam, just so happened to be one of the great National Sales Managers with Riverside. The couple made the decision to trek across the country and start a life together in mountainous, St Helen’s, Oregon. Garland started his career with Riverside Payments as an Account Executive. He worked the next 3-4 months out of St Helen’s, then moved to NE Portland.

When asked what has propelled his career, Garland notes the influential and strong women who are in his life. Growing up with his important women figures being nurses, he also grew up with an instilled mentality that if you help others, it will come back around. Garland was taught at a young age that when you focus on everyone else, they will take care of you. This is what Garland loves most: that his career is to save money for families and help mom and pop areas. In his career, he has been blessed to have met and connected with great friends in this area. One of his current clients, Willow Salon PDX, happens to have blossomed into a strong friendship between Taylor, Brice and their families. Taylor’s hair game has never looked better thanks to Brice.

When asked what has helped him succeed, Taylor lets out an immediate, ‘Work ethic’. He states, “you have to be willing to learn and work long hours.” Taylor is no stranger to staying out until it’s dark or until the the job gets done. Self reflection also happens to be one of Taylor’s strong suits. Each night Taylor ends his evening by taking 20-30 minutes to self reflect. He evaluates the things that went well and what he can improve on, and how he can improve for the next time. He also utilizes people well. Taylor has had a lot of advice from his Riverside team, especially noting April, Adam, and Mikey. They have all been key factors in providing helpful guidance and insight.

Taylor garland with his girlfriend, torie, and their puppy, harvie.

Taylor garland with his girlfriend, torie, and their puppy, harvie.

Taylor is already thinking about his next goals with Riverside Payments. This year he wants to be able to make a big enough impact in 10 people’s lives that they can have financial independence. His personal goal is to buy a house with a big enough yard for their new puppy, Harvie. Harvie is a show-stealer to say the least. She is a cattle dog/German short-hair mix and is approximately 9 months old. Taylor is most excited about the opportunity to continue to help others on a grander scale. He will now be able to manage their deals, help them close, and use his own experience to help those who are just starting their own successful careers. Taylor states, “this job is there for your taking.”

For his final words Taylor gives this sound advice, “stay positive, follow the simple system, don’t overthink, and ask for help when you need it. Bring your strong work ethic and your positive attitude and your day will never seem like ‘work’.”

Congratulations again to Taylor Garland. We love having you a part of the Riverside Team!

Written by Helen Simpson-Orcutt