The No BS Show Episode #13 - Goal Planning

On this episode of The No BS Show, Jason Reese, CFO of Riverside Payments, joins Brandon in discussing SMART Goal Planning.

Jason is a big New Year Resolution kind of guy - New Year, New Opportunities. Start by having a basic goal, focus on how to hit that goal, stay accountable, and think of things like how many people will you need to accomplish that goal.

The guys agree, using the SMART Goal Planning System is the most efficient way to be successful in business and personal goal setting.

*SMART Goal Planning*

Specific: - Start with a big picture and work it into more specific and in-depth parts

Measurable: - Making sure there's a way to track it

Assigned: - Assign specific people to each task, with due dates

Realistic: - Fine-tune your goal, making sure it's attainable, share your goals so people can help hold you accountable

Timeliness: - Break down the timeline to keep yourself on track

Brandon reiterates that you have to focus, take action and follow through with what your goal is and what it takes to get there. Jason states to display your goal somewhere you will see it every day, such as your bathroom mirror. Back your goals up with your Whys. Put your goals out there and involve others! Brandon exclaims, " You can start your goal planning ANY TIME! Start NOW!"

Take action, have fun with it and you'll be amazed at the results!