March Madness 2019 - Meet the Final Four

It’s that time again! Competition is in the air and dollar signs are everywhere! The Final Four of Riverside’s March Madness has now been revealed. These four All-Stars have faced off the entire month of March, week after week. Their dedication and sales have secured them a spot at the top, and we are chomping at the bit to see who will advance to the Final Two. For now, let us introduce the fantastic and motivated Final Four to you -TJ Manahan, Caitlyn Craviotto, Michele King-McNany and Melissa Krepp.

First up, we have TJ Manahan. TJ has been with Riverside for close to a year now. “It’s unbelievable. I really can’t believe I am in the Final Four. I’ve worked so hard. This has not been easy. It’s really hard work.” The push behind the fierce force of TJ is providing for his wife and children. He does not want his wife to have to work and he wants to be able to give his children everything. “I want them to have everything they want. I don’t want them to struggle.” This year he has his sights set high to buy their first home.

A vibrant veteran of Riverside, Caitlyn Craviotto is also climbing her way to the top, landing a spot on the Top Four. “It’s exciting to be in the Top Four. Having a competition like this has driven me to do better. I want to be the best version of myself I can be. My goal is to be happy, healthy, and successful!” Caitlyn has been with Riverside for three years. She credits her energy from those around her. Caitlyn gets her excitement through seeing others do well. When asked what goals she is looking forward to smashing, she lists being top representative for the year, buying her first house, and being financially strong. Her pride in the work she has done so far continues to push her. You haven’t seen the last of Caitlyn!

Another top contender in the Final Four is one of our two rookies this year, Michele King-McNany. But make no mistake, she’s got fire in her blood and is taking on the best with boxing gloves. “I was super surprised when I made it to the Top Four. I have worked very hard and felt the pay-off from all of that dedication. It’s an amazing feeling!” Michele wants to record her third album. She is also an alternative folk country singer/songwriter. “Albums are expensive, so I am out here pushing every day so I can make it happen!” She recently relocated from Seattle, WA. Michele spent 35 years in the food industry. When she started her career with us, she had many of her friends telling her how much they loved Riverside as their provider. She knew she had made the best choice and is now a hot contender for the competition!

Last but certainly not least, we have newcomer Melissa Krepp; a heavyweight in this Final Four matchup. Starting her career with Riverside in November, she has already taken Sales by storm. “It was a huge surprise because I just go out every week and do my job. That’s it! I just focus on doing my job. It took me by shock!” Melissa is a loving mother of two amazing and sweet boys, Langdon and Lars. Her push for the top spot is providing a safe, secure, and happy childhood for her children. She is now one-income and as a divorced mother she wants to be able to stay in the neighborhood her children have grown up in. “Riverside has been such a blessing and has changed our lives. I am honored and blessed to be among these people!”

Written by Helen Simpson - Orcutt