2019 Vancouver Business Growth Awards

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Most companies dream of increased growth and profit year after year. The difference with Riverside Payments is we put action, plan and grind behind our dreams. We are thrilled and honored to announce that for the 4th year in a row, Riverside Payments has been announced as a finalist for the 2019 Vancouver Business Growth Awards.

With a 10% boost in net profitability, we led the races by focusing on efficiency, streamlining all departments and processes, engaging in massive marketing and recruiting campaigns, and holding our team accountable for our never-ending goals. When Brandon Skinner and Jason Reese started up Riverside Payments years ago, they knew where they wanted to take Merchant Services, and the make-over that it so desperately needed. From Marketing, Sales, Client Success to Operations, our team is as strong as ever and has sights set on doubling our revenue by 2020.

The best part? Success and giving back to your community CAN go hand-in-hand! This year we continued our partnership and sponsorship of Dollar For and the Susan G Komen Foundation. No matter what successes we have been blessed enough to achieve, we are adamant in the need to continue to give back to our communities.

So, what’s next in our cards? Every great victory comes with the need to expand the talents of the trade, trials and team, which is why we are expanding our forces to Cincinnati, Ohio this year. With the finalization of a new office, Riverside plans to continue to provide the latest in technology and the best in processing payments for our incredible customers, while also being able to reach more businesses than ever. Our Merchant Service Make-Over isn’t done yet! We still have a lot of work to do and our team has pledged to hit our short and long term goals this year.

We are once again, undoubtedly honored and appreciative to The Vancouver Business Journal for showing businesses what hard work and dedication can amount to. We are humbled by placing in the top of the list among so many fierce and hard-working competitors. We will see you again next year, Vancouver Business Journal. You can count on that!

Written by Helen Simpson-Orcutt