2019 Portland Business Journal - Fastest Growing Private 100 Companies

Brandon Skinner (CEO) & Jason Reese (CFO)

Brandon Skinner (CEO) & Jason Reese (CFO)

When you’re on a hot streak, you don’t slow down. You don’t look back to see where your competition is in your rear view mirror; instead you put your foot to the floor and keep pushing forward! That’s what we did this year, placing #97 in the top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies for the Portland Business Journal.

 With over a 50.40% increase in growth from 2018-2019, we were honored to make their list once more. On June 13th, 2019 at the Oregon Convention Center, we attended, along with over a thousand other wonderful people, the 2019 Portland Business Journal awards. It was a night filled with celebration, friends, laser tag, futuristic fun, and amazing company. The event was filled with the people in front and behind the scenes of the leading, evolving and fastest growing companies in the region. Brandon Skinner is quoted, “This is a great testimony of our team work. We crushed last year’s numbers and we are excited to see next year!” The theme was “Futuristic”. It was said to be one of the greatest parties in the galaxy, and we are here to pass along the message that it will NOT be forgotten and has lived up to its claims!

 Increased business growth doesn’t come without a price. It was an honor to be in a room filled with like-minded, hard-working, driven, motivated, creative, and inspirational people who also set their sights for the moon. We all set off to make the most out of 2018 and it showed. Skinner isn’t pulling the breaks this year either, as Riverside has its sights set for another groundbreaking year in the books. 


 We would like to extend our graciousness and admiration for the Portland Business Journal, who put on an epic night of showcasing massive talent, dedication and accomplishment. When you take pride in the community around you and the fruits of their labor, you also inspire others to put forth the same perspective and encourage the economy to prosper. We are very honored to have added this to our “Memory Book” and cannot wait to see what the PBJ comes up with next year. Congratulations to all of those who made the top 100 this year. Your victories were well-earned and we had a blast helping celebrating and supporting one another. See you next year!

 Written by Helen Simpson-Orcutt