The No BS Show Episode 15 - The Importance of Giving Back

On Episode 15 of the No BS Show, Brandon Skinner is joined by humanitarian and activist, Jared Walker. Jared is the founder of Dollar For. Dollar For is non-profit that helps families with medical expenses. “When you go through a medical crisis, you shouldn’t have to go through a financial crisis, as well. If one person could give one dollar, we could make a big impact,” Jared says. Skinner notes that medical debt is the number one reason for bankruptcy in the nation. Skinner became involved with Dollar For and Jared because his family also faced a medical crisis. Both gentlemen saw first hand the devastating impact medical expenses can have on families already going through hardships.

Jared received a call in 2012 that his aunt had just passed and that his cousin needed a heart transplant. Jared explained, “The only conversation that was happening was how were we going to come up with the money for it.” He knew that should have been the last conversation to happen. Jared set forth and started Dollar For. Working closely with Brandon Skinner and Riverside Payments, our merchants have the option of donating $1 every month to Dollar For, as a part of their monthly program.

Jared and Dollar For has grown in the community and has added the Debt Forgiveness Program. This program assists families or individuals by helping them navigate through paperwork and policies already in place by hospitals for low income families.

How does Dollar For choose a family? Jared works closely with other Non-profits or For-profits to help find families in need. He prides himself on the fact that every dollar that is donated through Dollar For, is donated to the families they sponsor.

When Skinner asked what it took to start up a Non-profit, Jared lights up and shares his experience. He sought out a lot of his mentors to ask for advice in building a plan. He really felt the burn when he was told, “People have great ideas every day, you’re not going to do it.” He knew he wasn’t going to let his idea go to waste! Jared was adamant that he was going better his community and make a difference. Dollar For has already changed the lives of many wonderful families. Please consider signing up today for $1 a month to help out our community and our families. You can sign up online using the link below.  They also have volunteer opportunities as well, or you can nominate a family.

Jared, The Riverside family along with the Great Pacific Northwest, recognizes the great work Dollar For is doing. We are on this planet to better it. We can make a BIG difference when we all come together for a cause. Community, family, and giving to others is what has been behind the Riverside mission since Day 1. We don’t plan to change that, ever.

Written By - Helen Simpson Orcutt