The No BS Show Episode #17 - A Journey In Growth

Brandon Skinner talks with the owners of RJL Business Services, Rob and Jen Loftin

Brandon Skinner talks with the owners of RJL Business Services, Rob and Jen Loftin

On Episode 17 of the No BS Show, Brandon Skinner is joined by the talented Accounting masters at RJL Business Services. Jen and Rob Loftin are the two brilliant minds behind the company. RJL Business Services has already taken Washington by storm, being given prestigious awards such as ‘Best in Business in SW Washington’ and ‘Accomplished under 40’. Brandon Skinner, who shares this title, expresses his admiration for the accomplishments RJL Business Services has found within their short time. He welcomes them onto the show to breakdown their success and how the couple’s journey to profit and progress began. 

RJL Business Services was started by Rob and Jen Loftin, 7 years ago. Jen originally started out in the healthcare field. As she found her niche of giving a human feel to accounting and managing other businesses, she moved from healthcare to litigation. It was a natural instinct for Jen, who has had success with growing businesses, to grow her own. Rob, who worked as a CFO at the time, decided to spin off from the company he was working with when they sold and moved to LA. It didn’t take long for his beautiful wife, Jen, to convince him to go into business with her. The two decided collectively to grow their own business together, thus bringing to life RJL Business Services.

What is it that RJL Business Services does? They do what businesses need the most. Rob and Jen help businesses sustain their growth, review financial statements, go through data and make it meaningful to them, and show them how to use it. “We build personal relationships with our customers.” They find out your business goals and show you how to get there. Skinner, who has worked with the Loftin’s in the process of opening Riverside’s office in Cincinnati, credits Rob’s impeccable ability to translate numbers and make it mean something. Rob and Jen are a one-stop-shop and they credit building relationships instead of investments to their key for success. They vet out all of their resources when working with their customers and ensure their clients get the best of the best when working together.

Rob and Jen also give tips on how they have managed to balance their marriage and their work life while owning a business together. Both have focused on their strengths while accepting and embracing each other’s weaknesses. Jen jokes that Rob is better at his “off switch” of turning off work and focusing on their marriage when the day is over. Efficiency and valuing their time with their children is also important. The two have been able to work remotely, which has also been a blessing and has helped keep their family unit a strong and loving one. 

RJL Business Services is a benefit to any business. When asked what advice they have to those who are looking to start their own businesses, Rob says , “you’re going to have to be different…what makes you different from your competition?” Take it from us, they are the best in their business!

If you’re interested in hearing more from RJL Services and how they can help grow your business, contact them at would love to hear from you and can offer a free consultation to make a plan for your needs!

Written by Helen Simpson Orcutt