The No BS Show Episode #18 - A Year With Ricky Simon

Brandon Skinner and Ricky Simon

Brandon Skinner and Ricky Simon

On Episode 18 of the No BS Show, Brandon Skinner is joined by rising star and UFC fighter, Ricky Simon. Simon, who is 26 years old, only recently signed with the UFC about 16 months ago. These past two years for Ricky have been bountiful with successes and hard work. Soon after signing with the UFC, Ricky became engaged to his beautiful and supportive fiance. He joins Skinner to discuss how he got to this stage, and all that it took. 

Ricky grew up watching UFC with his family. He is the second oldest of his brothers. His parents  supported their children, even buying them boxing gloves when they were little. “My parents told us ‘if you’ve got problems with each other, box it out.’” He fell in love with fighting after attending college and getting mixed in with it. “I started out in the mall.” Time is the testament. Ricky put in countless hours of work for 7 years before he was picked up by the UFC. He drove everywhere to get fights and trained like crazy. He notes that putting in work, getting out there and getting exposure was key to his platform. Ricky decided he had to stay ready and take every opportunity that came his way. 

Ricky currently has a demanding schedule; training 2-4 times a day, training in every area possible to be the best he can be in his career. He has had 4-5 professional fights. His last fight was with Uriah Faber, a major UFC legend. “I am a winner who lost,” when he talks about the fight. He was honored to fight in the same cage as someone he grew up watching. “It was awesome.” When asked who he wants to fight next, Ricky calls out Frankie Edgar, who just joined the Bantamweight Class.

When asked what set Ricky apart and propelled him onto the stage, Ricky humbly says he didn’t ask “why not me.” The UFC called him up one day for the Matchmaker Contender. The UFC picked one fighter out of the 5 fights. He was not chosen that day. Ricky asked them what he should do and their advice was to stay ready. It was advice that he took to heart and credits to his success. When asked what his biggest motivating factor is, Ricky says he puts pressure on himself. He constantly wants to get better. His family is also a major factor in his motivation. They travel with him and remain as close as ever. Another hard part is having to get skinny, he jokes. He usually walks around at about 165, but fights at 135. 

To anyone wanting to make it as a fighter, Ricky gives this advice: “take care of your body and listen to it,” and “believe in yourself.”

You heard it first from the mouth of this local celebrity and favorite, Ricky Simon. We are honored to be the Official Processor of Simon and look forward to your continued success and journey!

Written by Helen Simspon Orcutt