Catering (Literally) To Our Savvy Service Industry

Let’s talk about where most people spend their money for a moment...FOOD. We weren’t shocked to hear that food is the 3rd largest category where Americans spend their hard earned dollar. Here at Riverside, we’ve spent years ramping up our services to fit perfectly for those in the Service Industry. We’ve spent countless hours working with restaurant owners, bar owners, community members, finding out what has helped you the most in succeeding as well as what has made your lives easier. With the Restaurant Industry seeing a whopping $799 billion in sales each year, according to the 2017 State of the Industry, it goes without saying there is a LOT of work that gets put in day and night.

Our merchants have said it time and time again - accounting, credit card processing, and inventory are the most important combinations when they’ve gone out to choose a POS system for their business. Just like we enjoy the ease of taking our families out to a dinner we don’t have to prepare and can just sit down to, the same goes for our passionate and driven owners. There’s a sense of relief that comes after your 10-20 hour days when you can finally relax and pull up your accounting and inventory software from the ease of your phone or tablet, and tackle responsibilities in a more efficient and time saving way. Ordering from your vendors with a touch of a button, comparing your sales and revenue from previous weeks or months, checking your employee’s hours with an app, marketing and increasing your profit for free within all comes down to time. We can’t create the worldly cuisines or beverages we bare witness to from you; mouth-watering and delectable dishes that challenge even the strongest of health addicts. What we CAN do is provide you with tools to make the not-so-fun aspects of running a business, easy. We CAN give you more of your time back from running errands and running reports. We CAN give you the confidence in a POS system that will work FOR you and not against you.

If you have gone into a restaurant or bar, you’ve seen these sleek and high functioning systems.

Let us formally introduce you to the Service Industry’s top POS names; Revel, Clover and TouchBistro. Let us also introduce you to a team that will make sure to listen to your needs and wants, customize it to your desire, help with the installation AND answer any questions you might have along the way. We have taken a tremendous pride in how we take care of you, just like you take care of us and our families with enjoyable, memorable, incredible meals, service and memories. It’s time you decide to give yourself BACK time. We’re here to cater to you and ready to show you what’s waiting on the bright side of life.

Written by Helen Simpson Orcutt
Riverside Payments, Inc.