10 Up-and-Coming Restaurants in the Portland Area


Portland, Oregon and its surrounding areas are known for being one of the most foodie-friendly regions in America, with exciting new bars and restaurants popping up seemingly every day. It can be hard to keep track of all the great places to eat and drink, so here are 10 of our favorite up-and-coming restaurants in the area.

Great Notion Brewing

2444 NW 28th Avenue, Portland
#101 - 2204 NE Alberta Street, Portland

The Pacific Northwest is well known for its exciting craft brewery scene, and Great Notion Brewing is a standout even in a field of stiff competition. Specializing in fruity IPAs, flavorful sours, and rich stouts, this award-winning brewery is one of the region’s best. On the food side of things, Great Notion offers a regional spin on the gastropub menu, serving blackened salmon, fish and chips, chowder, and more.

Kargi Gogo

3039 NE Alberta Street, Portland, OR

Kargi Gogo built a legion of dumpling lovers with their famous food cart, and now they’re serving up their Georgian-style (the country, not the state) filled dumplings in their own counter-service restaurant. Rich flavors abound in this comfort food cafe, and a full selection of Georgian wines that pair perfectly with their various breads and pastries.

Low Bar

809 Washington Street, Vancouver, WA

Don’t let the name fool you—Low Bar sets a high standard for craft cocktails, fantastic beers, and locally sourced fare. This cozy bar in downtown Vancouver, Washington makes their meals from scratch, for an authentically including their famous fried chicken (pressure-cooked to make the meat tender and juicy beneath its extra-crunchy exterior).


4636 NE 42nd Avenue, Portland, OR

Renowned chef Maya Lovelace, known for her top-end restaurant Mae, serves up comforting Southern fare at Yonder. With a considerably more affordable price point than one would find at Mae, Yonder is a perfect place to taste some of the best Southern cooking in the whole country, let alone Portland. From collard greens and lima beans to freshly fried chicken, every bite at Yonder is like its own little trip through the sunny south.

Main Event Sports Grill

800 Main Street, Vancouver, WA

With two locations, an extensive food and drink menu, and plenty of TVs, Main Event Sports Grill is the perfect place to go for the big game or a much-needed happy hour. The model may be a familiar one, but the execution is second to none. You’ll enjoy noshing on premium versions of traditional pub fare, and can wash it all down with a selection from their 20-plus taps of craft beer from across the country.


914 NE Broadway Street, Portland, OR

This hidden culinary gem is gathering quite the reputation as the best Korean food in the Lloyd District. As you indulge in authentic, flavorful dishes that threaten to overwhelm the senses (in a good way), you’ll appreciate the restaurant’s simple interior design and its ability to help you focus on the food itself. It’s also an ideal setting to enjoy a glass of makgeolli, a traditional, milky grain alcohol that pairs especially well with spicy foods.

Jorge’s Tequila Factory

1004 Washington Street, Vancouver, WA

Mouthwatering Mexican fare and upscale tequila-based cocktails are the true stars of Jorge’s Tequila Factory, though it’s hard to pass up one of their ice-cold margaritas in favor of something more adventurous. This vibrant restaurant absolutely buzzes with life, bringing rich flavors and a colorful atmosphere to downtown Vancouver’s burgeoning culinary scene.

Mojave Grill & Cantina

77 NE 4th Street, Gresham, OR

Gresham, Oregon is home to one of the best Mexican restaurants in the region. Mojave Grill & Cantina serves rich and flavorful fare in a fun, sports-centric atmosphere. Their 90” television is one of the area’s top options for watching the next big game, and a few of their top-shelf margaritas will always pair perfectly, win or lose.


215 Southeast 9th Avenue, Portland, OR

Sustainable eating is an important culinary trend, and this upscale seafood restaurant specializes in it. Restaurateur Jacob Harth sends diners on an adventure with a multi-course tasting menu that delivers a high value at a high price. Plus, you’ll be doing your part of the environment by eating invasive (and delicious) sea urchins, sustainably caught fish, and other eco-friendly fare.

Wild Hare Saloon

1656 Beavercreek Road, Oregon City, OR

With locations in both Oregon City and Camby, the Wild Hare Saloon rings in some of the country’s best beers and some of its best musical acts. If you’re looking for a place to let loose your inner cowgirl or cowboy and enjoy some live country music, this is the spot. It doesn’t hurt that their menu offers some of the region’s best pub food to boot.

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