The No BS Show Episode #10 - Ben's Bottle Shop - Vancouver WA's Beer Utopia

brandon skinner and ben christly

brandon skinner and ben christly

In episode #10 of the No BS Show, Brandon is joined by a local favorite, Ben's Bottle Shop and owner Benjamin Christly. Ben joins and invites us into his journey of having a vision and speaking it into existence. In 2015, Ben and Timothy Christly founded Ben's Bottle Shop. Their goal and vision was to provide the best craft beer there was to offer, all while in the beautiful heart of Vancouver, WA.

It was not an overnight success and certainly had its struggles. Benjamin sites three huge turning points for his vision and creating a brick and mortar business. Funding, being the most obvious is essential and crucial. However, he might argue that being able to trust your vision with another individual is just as important. Both men trusted in each other’s actions, knowledge, skills, and decision making. Taking action was the third step in turning the vision into a reality. With an immense amount of effort and grind with their endeavor, in just over three years their concept and approach has given way to another goal accomplished for both. “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take,” Skinner recounts Wayne Gretzky saying. In the art and business of entrepreneurship, this seems to ring true for most people, especially all who have offered their experiences on the No BS Show. In the words of Kevin Durant Ben matches that thought process and quotes, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!”

When asked if he has any advice to give others out there who want to branch out and go for it, Ben gives this, “if you are going to step into the game, you better bring it!” Another monumental piece of advice he gives is people make your business. Whether it is through the employees, customers, friends or family, you must make each experience one that leaves a positive impression as well as gratifying and pleasurable. The key to success is retaining your customers and employees both Skinner and Ben agree.

This is only for the beginning for Ben, as he sets his plans for mid June and opening Active NW next door to Ben's Bottle Shop. It doesn’t stop there for the young entrepreneur, next on his list and vision board is a new, premier, classy and high end bar at the end of this year. We have no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot of Ben and what he has in store for us these next few years. If you haven’t already, make a trip over to Ben’s Bottle Shop for some amazing brew, food, and a company that brings their A game and knowledge!

Written By Helen Simpson-Orcutt

The No BS Show Episode #9 - The American Dream

brandon skinner and kareen mills

brandon skinner and kareen mills

On this episode of The No BS Show, Brandon Skinner and his guest Kareen Mills discuss The American Dream and what it means to them.

As up-and-coming entrepreneurs, focusing on the “Big Picture” takes a lot of hard work mixed with power napping! For Kareen, The American Dream is literally YOU and what you do to make that dream a reality. Brandon makes a great point - that with technology these days, achieving your goals in a take-action type of way has become increasingly easier. Finding what you are passionate about, what your mindset should be, pushing against the negativity and avoiding making excused will prove to be worth while.  

Kareen says “Failure has no detour, you have to go through the mess, the tangled up spaghetti we call Life.” Brandon counters with “There is no “Secret Sauce” to life… it’s hard work over long periods of time.” Success doesn’t come out of nowhere!

Brandon talks about who and how he was as a person when he was growing up and how he made the best of his situation and how he used his skills and what he learned to catapult himself to success.

Kareen explains how timid she was when she came to The States. Discussing her struggles and how obstacles forced her to grow and realize her own potential. The American Dream is ALIVE AND WELL! And it’s within your grasp… so do something about it!

Written By Falon Ward

The No BS Show Episode #8 - Thoughts, Life & Everything In Between

Brandon skinner and sim dhillon

Brandon skinner and sim dhillon

In Episode 8 of the No BS Show, Skinner is joined by fellow friend and entrepreneur, Sim Dhillon, as they talk about life, success, finding yourself and everything in between.

Sim gives examples of people in his life who has shared stories with him about surrounding yourself with like minded people who are in your corner. Skinner relates to this first hand, especially in his marriage. Having a strong support system is vital. Also vital is evolving and growing from each opportunity in life that comes your way. Sim notes he himself has fallen in love with patience and seeing first hand the benefits of realizing there is a process to things.

Both men agree success comes from a mindset. Ask yourself if your actions match your purpose and passion. Focusing on your strengths and developing a team atmosphere will see you to your goals. Pushing yourself to do one more in whatever you’re doing at that very moment propels you to being great. Sim and Skinner also agree that doing what you can to make people’s lives better will never lead you astray.

Sim digs deep with the conversation and asks what Skinner struggles with outside of his business life. Skinner admits being a family man, being a good husband, juggling and partnering with so many people on outside projects has proven a struggle that he works hard on. Sim’s biggest struggle is knowing what he has to do and following through with each of his daily tasks.

Skinner and Sim see the horizon on having a mission statement and being able to delegate to your team with efficiency and respect. Having an open door policy, listening to your team’s ideas, and being able to take criticism has proven to help both of these men’s success. Don’t just take it from them, try it for yourself and be great!

Written By Helen Simpson-Orcutt

The No BS Show Episode #7 - The Power of Storytelling

Brandon skinner and michael ivanov

Brandon skinner and michael ivanov

In Episode 7 of the No BS Show, Brandon Skinner is joined by Michael Ivanov, author of “The Mount of Olives: 11 Declarations to an Extraordinary Life,” as they discuss storytelling. Michael started chasing his dreams from his childhood after mundane experiences in the workforce.

His book follows a boy as he is faced with adversity, is knocked down and has to pick himself back up. Being in the moment of a vicious normality day in and day out can bring you to your breaking point. Michael couldn’t take it more. He decided to get himself out of his situation. His inspiration for the book came from another author who has a similar form of writing who he looks up to.

Skinner relates to the prosaic daily cycles and thinking bigger. After he had his daughter he put thoughts into action and never looked back. Believing in yourself and understanding that your struggles will become your dreams is the first step. Both men put hard work into their own careers. Although their lives took different turns than their childhood dreams, Michael and Skinner still found passion, purpose and drive and took to the Ferris Wheel of opportunities.

Motivation was found by surrounding themselves with like minded people, developing a system, and focusing on the day at hand. Find the one thing that inspires you and go for it. “Don’t live a life full of regrets.”

Written By Helen Simpson-Orcutt

The No BS Show Episode #6 - Opportunity Over Adversity

Brandon skinner and daniel riddle

Brandon skinner and daniel riddle

In this week’s episode of the No BS Show, Brandon Skinner is joined by National Sales Manager, Dan Riddle. The topic for discussion is opportunity over adversity.

Dan Riddle states opportunity over adversity is the key to success. Being focused on adversity can lead to missing opportunities. It’s a mindset and how you perceive what you hope to outcome that will drive your successes.

Adversity is an opportunity. Skinner’s sheds an honest light in a time with Riverside Payments had to do just that. Last year was one of mediocre growth when Riverside is normally used to extonishing growth and breaking records. He notes that with this adversity, he and his group have to focus on their goals, simplify their routines, and speak into existence the positive they know they will achieve. Riddle sheds an honest light on a time in his own life with his career where he was in a position, facing adversity. Instead of being fearful of what could go wrong with taking a leap into a foreign career, he encompassed everything that was going to go right in this move for himself.

Risk over regret is the next key. Getting out of your own comfort zone, looking your own fears in the face, and driving your passion. You have to be able to adjust your sails so to speak, but never adjust the force behind your fight and passion. To those who are looking to take risks, Riddle gives this advice, “side step from fear, create your vision; one so big and so real that no fear will hold you back...working hard day in and day out, you will rise above.”

If you take anything away from this show’s episode, take away this; expand every goal you have ever had for yourself and you will evolve to an unstoppable force! I don’t know about you, but that’s plenty reason for me.

Written By Helen Simpson-Orcutt

The No BS Show Episode #5 - Pay It Forward

Brandon Skinner and ryan maddox

Brandon Skinner and ryan maddox

In this episode of the No BS Show, Skinner is joined by Ryan Maddox from Country Financial. Maddox, who specializes in insurance brokers, got his start after being their customer. Networking is something both men believe are a key to success. Getting out there with your passion, being involved in the community, and helping others is what it’s all about. Networking is about paying it forward and building relationships with others. Skinner rallies a lot of his networking from spreading positivity.

One huge way to network is through social media. Connecting with like-minded people and being aware of your online presence is definitely a step in the right direction. Skinner says, “get creative with it!” Maddox says being able to support fellow people in your industry and in your network will also reap its benefits. Be yourself and create connections. Skinner and Maddox both agree it is better to give than to receive. Improving your community, donating your time, and being a good person is how you survive in business and in life.

With all the amazing opportunities out there, the time is now. Maddox says every successful person he has met helps others succeed. Take it from two uplifting men, when you do good, you feel good. Make it a great day!

Written By Helen Simpson-Orcutt


If you’re familiar with sports, then there’s no doubt you’ve heard about March Madness. Here at Riverside Payments we have our own version of that. Each week our incredibly determined and motivated account executives paired off and faced one another; whoever secured the most sales advanced to the next round of a very exciting competition. It started with 64 and now we are down to the Final Four!  We are proud to announce April Everhart, Curtis Swires, Rachel Kirk and Shelly Stoddard are our Final Four All-Stars.

When asked about how it feels to be in the Final Four, April said she knew it was going to happen. “Last year I was working part-time and made it as the runner-up. I am excited and I better win it! There’s no other option.” When asked about her goals and why’s, April said providing for her daughter, Haylee, is her biggest reason. Being able to support her parents, live carefree and stress-free, while being able to travel are also pretty high on her list of goals. “I want my daughter to be proud of me and to work as hard as I do when she grows up.”

When asked about how he feels about being in the Final Four, Curtis states, “Being in the Top 4 is a confirmation of my drive and hustle. This is a group of the best the company has to offer and it is an honor.” For his goals and his reasons for pushing, Curtis credits wanting to get business owners out of their current situations and into better ones. His biggest why is his beautiful wife. He wants to be able to give her financial freedom when he is no longer around. Also on his list of goals is being able to sign Waffle House and the University of Alabama; home to the 2017 national football champions, Crimson Tide.

Next up, we have newcomer Rachel, who has risen the ranks gracefully but with absolute power behind her perseverance. There’s no denying March Madness is her focus, and a laser focus at that. “I’m stoked to be in the Final Four! We have a ton of hardworking reps, and I’m running amongst some of the greats!” Her reasons for pushing are her amazing children. “I want to give them a life full of experiences they will cherish. I want to spoil my parents because they have done for me my whole life, and I want to help local businesses save money while growing our economy.”

And last but certainly not least, we have Shelly. “Being in the Final Four makes me feel proud to be one step closer to The National Championship. I am grateful for the opportunity!” Shelly accredits financial freedom and her family to her why’s and motivation. “I’ve always had a strong desire to be successful and to be in a position to make a difference. Riverside has been such a blessing for my family. I would like to share this opportunity with as many people as possible!”

Written by Helen Simpson


Jason Reese (CFO) and Brandon Skinner (CEO)

Jason Reese (CFO) and Brandon Skinner (CEO)

In the last month, Riverside Payments unveiled its new website. With an incredibly hard-working and supportive team at bay, we have revamped our look to bring you even more ease in the way you communicate with us, the way we communicate with you, and all of the in-betweens along the way.

In an industry that seems so far disconnected from business owners, we felt it vitally important to show off our staff and the fact that we also started from very humble beginnings. We are a family business, just like the majority of incredible businesses here in the United States. We most certainly understand the labor, grind, pains and struggles that business owners go through. We wanted to build a website that would not only connect with our clients on a human level, but also make it fun in the process. Processing is a product most merchants need to have. It is our belief that it should also be a fun, exciting, and connecting experience as well.

Some of our innovative, fun and modern design works that we now offer are Website Design, SEO, Social Media Management & Branding with our new partner company, Flyright Creative! Just to name a few of the awesome features of our new website: you’ll be able to meet the team, see what we’ve been up to with our blog, check out our state-of-the-art services, programs and technology, view your account online, and see a list of careers with us.

Our company values its presence and the way the rest of the world views us. We are sure you’ll love our new look, too. If you haven’t already, come check us out and tell us what you think!

By Helen Simpson Orcutt

We've Moved! The Journey To Our New Office!

Riverside's New Vancouver Office

Riverside's New Vancouver Office

Last week Riverside Payments made a ‘money move’ and expanded their business to a new location, in the heart of Vancouver, Washington! Our new location is 12500 SE 2nd Circle #240, Vancouver, WA 98684.

The founder of the company, Brandon Skinner, made the decision after some serious and intense market-research on successful businesses. Skinner is constantly looking for ways to keep pushing Riverside’s growth, profit, and progress to the next level. What he found was that centralizing the office to one combined space would allow for increased productivity in the workflow of our company. It has also allowed us to utilize every inch of space available. By eradicating wasted space, we are improving not only our profit, but our team dynamics and communication as well. With this layout revision, our design and workflow have already improved the user experience for our amazing clients. This has also established the foundation for additional offices to be opened later this year. This is so we can keep expanding across the country.

We will we be expanding our sales force, our marketing, customer service and tech support in the near future. Our goal is to always be able to provide the best POS Systems, client support, and much more at the best price without sacrificing any important qualities you depend on as a business owner. We understand a big part of this is crucial in being hands on and being able to provide support locally in all time zones. If you haven’t already noticed the address change on our website and in emails, make sure to mark it down so you won’t forget! Here at Riverside with a new year, new website, and new address under our belt, our sights are set to a beautiful and captivating year of prosperity.


By Helen Simpson Orcutt



During the Annual Riverside Holiday Party, Brandon Skinner remembered the beginning days,“3 and a half years ago, Jason, Nick, and I, started out of my Grandma’s house. We recruited my little brother, Shane, and started hiring people from Chipotle. We would literally have them go door to door all day, canvassing and running in there to do the quotes. Our first office was a run down house with red shag carpet.”

Flash forward to this evening and you couldn’t tell how hard they struggled in the beginning. Everyone took part in another year of accomplishments at Warehouse 23, in Vancouver, WA. Gathered in a group they were all seen laughing, hugging, and celebrating. Brandon made his way around to everyone making sure they had ordered their drinks and were having a good time. “Bringing everyone to celebrate how far as a group we have come, is important to me. Especially since this isn’t where we are going to end,” he stated.

You could feel the insane amount of pride in every single staff member as they rejoiced in the success of the company and its leader. “If you’re not motivated or intimidated by us and where we are, you probably should be,” said Falon Ward.

National Sales Managers, Territory Managers, Client Success, Tech and Marketers joined in the celebration of the past, the present, and the future. After a delicious dinner of house-smoked brisket, cranberries, sweet potatoes, and ham, year awards were presented to the following: Employees of the Year were awarded to Allan Kor and Tiffany Vandehey, Client Success Superstar of the Year was awarded to Destinee Ryder, National Sales Manager of the Year was awarded to Dan Riddle, Recruiter of the Year was awarded to Brad Strode, and Representative of the Year was awarded to April Everhart.

During his speech, Skinner summed up the past 3 years, “2015-2016 was rapid and full of non-stop insane growth! We decided we were going to make it big and nothing would stop us. 2017 was a year of laying our foundation to propel ourselves to the next level. 2018, we are excited to announce several new business opportunities! We were also just named Top 20 Most Promising Card Brands for 2018 and beyond! This is a huge milestone and accomplishment for us!”

Something tells me Brandon has it right when he said, “the future holds pretty exciting things…we’re going to keep rising up and doing better.”

By Helen Simpson Orcutt 



Riverside Payments congratulates Jeremy Shroyer, VP of Sales, on his recent appointment to the Board of Ambassadors for Susan G. Komen of Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Jeremy has been extremely active with SGK events from Lunch for the Cure, to Race for the Cure, and last weekend’s Kick for the Cure, organizing details, working the events, and coordinating Riverside volunteers, yet he wants to make an even bigger impact by helping develop outreach campaigns and new fundraising events that will help spread awareness to the younger generation.

“We’re targeting ages 20 to 45 to spread awareness about getting screenings done as early as age 30, because early detection is key. It’s been inspiring to see everyone come out for these events to support the cause, especially the survivors who overcame physical and emotional turmoil. It’s our goal to see more and more people of all ages getting involved.”

Since partnering on Susan G. Komen events, Riverside has been instrumental in helping increase the number of donations streaming in, which go towards research, testing, and financial assistance during treatment.

“So many people have been affected by breast cancer, be it personally, or through a loved one. By spreading awareness to younger generations, we are conditioning them early to take preventative actions when appropriate in an effort to save more lives, as well as providing them with a worthy cause they can be proud to support.”

Just as Jeremy has played a huge role in shaping Riverside into the award winning company it is today, we have no doubt he will be an extreme asset in his position as one of the Ambassadors of Susan G. Komen.

“I’m honored for the opportunity to help spread awareness, and raise money for research so that we may one day stop the loss of life due to breast cancer.”  



It took all kinds at last weekend's Race for the Cure, from puppies parading in pink, to adults, babies, and even a few cows, all to raise donations for Susan G. Komen in an effort to spread awareness, fund more research, and provide more mammograms and financial assistance during treatment.  

Many thanks to our Riverside crew for coming together on their days off to support the cause by accepting credit card transactions and donations during registration both Saturday and Sunday. We're told, it was the smoothest registration they'd ever had, and we owe it all to our amazing management, operations, technical staff, and the awesome dedication and teamwork by everyone who volunteered.

In addition to processing transactions, Riverside and Johnny Driver, from Red Forest Films, ran the photo booth that captured so many great pictures, some of which you can view below and check out more on our Riverside Payments Facebook page. 



On July 24th, 2017, Riverside Payments sponsored “Friends of the Winterhawks Golf Tournament” at The Reserve Vineyards & Golf Club to benefit OSHU’s Knight Cancer Institute and prostate cancer research.

It was a beautiful day on the course for a full day of golf. Many prize donations were procured for an auction that followed the tournament, including Riverside’s donation of a driver, and autographed jerseys from the team. A sit-down dinner capped off the successful fundraiser. 

Riverside CEO/Co-founder comments, “At Riverside, we have made it our mission to support both women’s and men’s health issues, so to be able to sponsor an event that benefits prostate cancer research means a lot to us. Anytime you can raise awareness and give back to the community, while tying it all into a fun event is worth the commitment to the cause.” ~Brandon Skinner

Many of Riverside’s employees and managers are hockey players themselves, including former professional hockey player, Riverside CFO/Co-founder, Jason Reese, who adds, “It was an honor to finally partner up with the Winterhawks after being a huge fan of theirs growing up. We’re honored to have done our part to help with this worthy cause.”

Riverside looks forward to sponsoring many more events in the coming years.



June 12, 2017 

If you’ve ever called into Riverside Customer Service, you probably recognize the name and voice of Amii Grace, our dedicated Customer Service Manager.

Over the 2 ½ years Amii has been with Riverside, she has been instrumental in growing and training our team, establishing protocols, and streamlining processes implemented daily. On any given day, Amii might be helping account executives with client solutions, analyzing rates for our customers, organizing and supervising the customer service team, implementing quality assurance, and troubleshooting escalated calls to successful outcomes.

Before Riverside, Amii worked in the retail industry, managing several stores and enjoying face-to-face interactions with customers and staff, but family health challenges left her wanting a job that afforded stability, yet enough flexibility to allow her time off when needed.  That’s when a couple of friends introduced her to Riverside. Amii immediately demonstrated a strong work ethic and leadership qualities that quickly moved her up the ranks into a management position, where she has proven invaluable. On those occasions when Amii needs time off, she knows she always has a family in which to return home.

Amii says transitioning from retail customer service to an office environment was a smooth move, but a very different experience. “Although I’ve always been an extremely organized person, Riverside has definitely shown me how to prioritize along with organizing to make sure each customer is well taken care of.”

When not at work Amii enjoys spending time with her son, Abel-age 3, having fun with arts and crafts and other activities. Amii also enjoys playing soccer, hiking, and dabbles with painting and photography.  

Amii Grace plays a huge role in the success of our company, and we’re extremely happy she’s a part of the Riverside family.



In a jungle themed ceremony last Thursday, Riverside Payments swung vine to vine all the way to a second place win.

Portland Business Journal's 100 Fastest Growing  Businesses is a highly esteemed and sought after award where businesses from Oregon and Southwest Washington are recognized for their 2-year growth percentage and honored at the sold out event. 

From the moment one entered the scene at the Portland Convention Center, the jungle theme called out with slithering snakes and slimy gators lurking among the trees. 

Greeters welcomed us to the jungle with name tags and native necklaces, and upon entry guests were encouraged to...

But you know what they say, No Risk, No Reward, and the rewards were bountiful. A mix of tropical drinks aligned the open bar, otherwise known as the watering station, while petite hors d' oeuvres of caprese and beet salads were elegantly displayed on glass shelves, with chafers of spinach dip, meatballs, and chicken skewers on the buffet, and house chefs on site preparing fajita style tacos.

A DJ kept the spirit of the jungle alive with upbeat tunes during cocktail hour, followed by Native dancers taking the stage to commence the ceremony that would countdown the 100 fastest growing businesses in the region.

"Knowing our growth percentage, we were confident we would be way up there on the list, but no one knew their position in the rankings until they called your name, which made it even more exciting." ~Jason Reese, CFO and Co-Founder


A margin of mere 50% separated 1st & 2nd place with Riverside's 2-year growth at 1469.9%, and Cart Logic edging out the competition at 1519.9%. 

"Naturally we were hoping for 1st place. It's part of our culture to set the bar high, which brought us here tonight. Then when 3rd place was called and it wasn't Riverside, we were super excited to see who would be called next and determine our fate. I'm not going to lie...there was a moment of disappointment when you get that close, but we are extremely grateful and proud of our accomplishment." ~Brandon Skinner, CEO and Co-Founder

It's been a whirlwind year for Riverside, receiving many top awards including First Place in Vancouver Business Journal's Fastest Growing for our category, and our own Jason Reese taking Portland Business Journal's CFO of the Year for small private company, and Brandon Skinner earning a seat on the board of Susan G. Komen.

"We have a lot to be thankful for and this award is no exception. We're thrilled for the future of Riverside where we have carved out a path to continue our amazing growth pattern in the coming years." ~Skinner

Attending the event was Brandon Skinner-CEO and fiance Lana Stone, Jason Reese-CFO, Jeremy Shroyer-VP of Sales, Jared Crouch-VP of Operations, Amie Sanders and Adam Harden-National Sales Managers, Cyndee Mady-National PR Sales Director, and Andrew Asato-CEO of Susan G. Komen