QuickBooks POS System Can Enhance Your Business Performance

A system which utilizes QuickBooks provides an instant link between your accounting system and your transactions.  Many businesses struggle with coordinating the needs of the customer at the point of sale with the needs of the business for accurate invoicing, payment and reconciliation.  A QuickBooks POS system can solve this problem, linking information instantaneously to individual customer records, your macro bookkeeping sheets and much more.  Not only can an integrated system have significant benefits for your business, it can also make a real difference to your customers.

Your Customers Can Benefit From a QuickBooks POS System

Particularly if you have regular customers, they often value the opportunity to ask questions about their account, query transactions or get specific information relating to previous purchases.  Our POS systems allow you to quickly bring up all the relevant data, enhancing customer care quickly and easily.  In addition, customer data can also be used to generate special offers, promotions and loyalty rewards that are specific to the individual client.  This improves the customer experience as well as providing valuable opportunities to enhance engagement.

Streamline Your Business with QuickBooks POS

Multiple systems for bookkeeping, asset management, stock ordering and customer care can be confusing and time-consuming to maintain.  By using a single system to cover all these areas, duplication can be minimized.  The systems we provide are designed to be user-friendly and straight-forward to operate.  If required, we are happy to offer training on our systems, ensuring your team has all the necessary skills to operate it effectively.

QuickBooks POS System Offers Excellent Value for Money

Businesses tell us that in addition to the operational benefits which accrue from using one of our POS systems, there are also a number of longer-term advantages.  By enhancing the customer care experience at the POS, loyalty and therefore repeat business is increased.  Not only may customers tend to visit more frequently, they may also engage in transactions of a higher value than previously.  Call us at (866) 720-0644 to find out more.