Retail POS System Suitable for Almost Any Type of Enterprise

While the traditional image of POS points in retail establishments are of static tills, the reality is that today’s retail transactions can take place in an enormous variety of locations.  From on-site locations such as festivals, stalls and events through to mobile payment options within retail premises, customers are increasingly demanding access to payment facilities in a wide variety of places.  With this in mind, we offer a selection of retail POS system choices which can provide the speedy service your customers need, wherever you want to provide it.

Retail POS System That Can Save You Resources

Our POS range incorporates far more than just a method to take payment.  Using one, sophisticated software system, it is possible to tie your order itemization and customer payment with your stock inventory and corporate payment records.  This not only makes reordering easier, it also reduces the amount of paperwork required for each transaction.  Synchronizing your payment, ordering and record keeping through one portal saves significant time and resources, resulting in diminishing operational overheads.

Give Your Customers More with a Retail POS System

Want to give your customers personalized upselling offers or promotions that are directly relevant to their current or previous purchases?  An advanced retail POS can be programmed to link with your loyalty program, automatically making staff aware of what offers or benefits to pass on to each customer.  This ensures that customers receive an individualized service and are given access to promotions which are directly relevant to their interests and needs.  Fast, flexible and responsive, our POS installations make the customer experience better as well as increasing business efficiency and providing a handy, easy-to-use tool for your team.  For a FREE, no-obligation estimate or to tell us more about your requirements call us at (866) 720-0644.