When you need a retail POS system customized to your unique needs as a retailer, Riverside Payments is the way to go! We provide POS systems from Clover, TouchBistro, and Revel. All of our POS systems are fast, easy, and simple to use. Our systems automate and streamline the transaction process and add a slew of functionality to your enterprise.

How a Retail POS System from Riverside Payments Works

Both you and your employees will be able to login to your retail POS system by using a username and password or employee ID card that gets swiped in the POS terminal. These will allow your system to identify users and allow them to only access certain privileges, restricting sensitive operations, such as returns or discounts, to only those who are authorized to use them.

The main screen of the POS display is always on and ready to move to the next transaction. Store items can be applied to each sale by using multiple means, including the following:

  • Bar Code Scan

  • Scan from a Deli Scale Label

  • Touchscreen Buttons Grouped into Customizable Pages

  • Manual Skew Entry

  • Item Description

  • Weight from an Integrated Scale

Accepting Payments With Riverside Payments Retail POS System

On the main screen's display, you'll have an invoice tab that allows all transactions to be paid for by cash or credit card. When a customer pays with cash, you'll simply press the "Take Cash" button and enter payment amount. The customer's receipt will print, and the correct change will be displayed.

Accepting credit card payments is made easy with our robust POS system. Just swipe the customer's card and press the "Process" button to finalize. Riverside Payments uses the fastest POS solutions in the industry that can be set up for any combination of Android and PC devices. With a POS solution from Riverside Payments, you can accept payments from anywhere in the world.

A convenient Receipt window will show each of the items in a current transaction. Your employees will be able to quickly remove any items from the Receipt window or adjust the price or quantity as needed. To make the transaction process even smoother for all, our retail POS system provides additional keys that give users access to important and frequently used functions, such as:

  • Price Checks

  • Item Search

  • Customer

  • Cancel Sale

  • Return Sale

  • Repeat Item

  • Quantity

  • Price

  • Save Order (allows you to save a transaction and complete it later)

  • Reprint Receipt

  • Turn Printer Off

  • Clock In and Out

More Reasons to Choose Riverside Payments

Riverside Payments retail POS system allows for an even more customizable transaction by customizing the payment options to include payment types that your business accepts, which may include loyalty programs, gift cards, checks, EBT, and other tender types.

If these features aren't enough, our retail POS system makes tracking customer behavior easier than ever, providing retailers with a database of information that contains the customer's full profile, including name, customer ID number, company name, and phone number.