If you are ready to start accepting credit card payments, then you need a credit card processor who understands your unique needs as a merchant. Riverside Payments is a trusted North American credit card processor, providing specifically customized solutions for all of our clients. In addition to some of the best rates around, Riverside Payments never uses a one-size-fits-all approach to credit card processing. You will have a truly customized package when you choose Riverside Payments.

How to Start Accepting Credit Card Payments

Whether you're looking to accept credit card payments online or in-store or both, knowing your needs and your options is always the best place to start. You have several options to choose from:

1. Your bank
2. Independent Sales Organization (ISO)
3. Payment service provider like Riverside Payments

Each option has its own pros and cons, and various factors must be considered to determine which is the best option for you, including your monthly transaction volume, credit history, and the nature of your business, just to name a few considerations.

Can My Bank or ISO Help Me Start Accepting Credit Card Payments?

Naturally, many merchants will start with their banks since they already have an existing relationship with them. Unfortunately, most banks don't handle credit card processing for businesses in-house, so they will often hand you over to a partner institution. Further, the bank application process for credit card processing is usually lengthy, stressful, and complicated. Worse still, banks are not known for flexibility or customization for credit card payment acceptance. They typically offer two or three basic packages containing hardware and software from third-party sources that may or may not suit your merchant needs.

An ISO may try to win your business by advertising very low rates and offering more flexible software and hardware options for you to start accepting credit card payments. The idea of lower rates than what the banks offer and customization options for your hardware and software may get you to take the bait, hook, line, and sinker. Sadly, many merchants don't realize that they're going to wind up paying more with an ISO because of the hidden fees that they don't advertise - fees like:

  • Interchange Downgrades

  • Rate Fluctuations

  • Hardware Leasing Fees

  • POS Software Fees

  • Authorization Fees

  • Gateway Fees

  • Statement Fees

  • Chargeback Fees

  • Return Fees

  • PCI Compliance Fees

  • Batch Fees

  • Early Termination Fees

  • International Card Fees

and many, many other hidden fees!

And Then There's Riverside Payments

Our rates may or may not be the lowest that you can find, but they are very competitive and transparent. Plus, you get reliable 24-hour service with Riverside Payments. You will have your own dedicated relationship manager to help you navigate through every phase of credit card processing, making sure that your needs are taken care o and preventing any hiccups in your credit card processing at all times!

Perhaps most importantly, we have an easy application process and high acceptance rate at Riverside Payments. Get a free quote online today.